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Amar Biamonte, New Voices Project 2013

“The New Voices Project was a wonderful experience with so much to walk away with. It made me feel great that great, new work is still being treasured and produced, and that young artists are making these great works to begin with.”

Amar Biamonte

Writer, Lyricist
New Voices Finalist 2013

Growing up with a big family, it was difficult NOT to find inspiration. As a result, I was a very active-minded kid. But, from it, I’ve learned a few things. I learned that something that you want is something worth fighting for. The work that I do is not a job, it is my life. I live for my craft and creating. I was taught to dream for the stars, only difference is I’m going to work harder in order to make it happen. Oceanside, NY, born and raised. Youngest of five children. We never had a lot of money. But we discovered appreciating family, and fighting for what’s important to you.

My work includes, mainly, musical theater. I am an actor-singer but I also play guitar and piano. I have performed Off-Broadway in Flak House The Musical this past October, and am about to perform in a showcase at the June Havoc Theater for the acting company The Actor’s Project NYC. This past August of 2013 I had the honor to represent musical theater writers around the country when I attended the New Voices Finalists Competition with my partner, Paul Vincent Pecorella. Currently receiving vocal lessons from Christiana Little, I am atuning more and more to my musical side and seek a dual career in both acting and music.

I am a Junior Year B.F.A. Candidate for Acting from Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, and I am to appear as the title role of Hopper in the upcoming spring musical. As well, I currently receive vocal lessons from Christiana Little, and throw in a Cabaret performance here and there at the West End Lounge. I am looking into taking film acting classes from the Stella Adler Company; recently printed new business cards, postcards, and recently got my website up and running! (feel free) Other than that, taking each day as it comes, keeping my dream within sight, and constantly improving my work to near excellence level, although I know that is simply wishful thinking.


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Amar in his Off-Broadway debut as Lt. Hal Bailey in FLAK HOUSE at the Musical at Actor's Temple Theater on 47th Street

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