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Santino DeAngelo, New Voices Project 2014

“New Musicals Inc. offers a great opportunity to get the exposure that all young writers so desperately need. The New Voices Project was my first chance to have my writing scrutinized by industry professionals and, throughout the course of the project, they really helped to shape the professional standards that I hold myself to today. If you are a young writer looking for a safe and creative place to start your musical theater career, New Musicals Inc. is the place for you.”

Santino DeAngelo

Playwright, Composer & Lyricist
New Voices Finalist 2014

Santino DeAngelo is an award-winning playwright, composer & lyricist of musical theater, experimental theater, orchestra, ballet, and film. Santino’s music for theater is frequently performed domestically and internationally, most recently in a Universidad Catolica touring production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM in Santiago, Chile. Santino has worked with many organizations and chamber soloists across the country, including world-renown conductor & pianist John Covelli, the Golf Channel/PGA Tour, and Starstruck Performing Arts in Florida. Santino has been the recipient of numbers grants and awards, including the Rod Serling Award for Best Screenwriting in 2007, and was a New Musicals, Inc New Voices Project Finalist in 2014.

Santinos musical ANOTHER HAPPY ENDING has recently been selected as a 2015 Next Link production in the New York Musical Theater Festival. Santino’s latest musical, THE MUSIC LESSON, is co-written with Peter Jones and currently undergoing commercial development in Florida.


Santino examines the orchestral score to his "Pygmalion, A Lyrical Ballet" with Recorder Soloist, Jeffrey Wahl.