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Tim Kashani

Co-Founder, Apples and Oranges Arts

Tim believes that technology and the arts must unite to move humanity forward. Fostering new Technology and Arts startups, Tim incubates ideas that exponentially foster a collaborative learning environment.

Tim merged his passion for both theater and technology to co-found Apples and Oranges Arts with his wife Pamela. To exemplify the vision they launched THEatre ACCELERATOR, an incubator for new musicals. THEatre ACCELERATOR, applies the methods, processes, and mindset of the startup world to the performing arts. This includes data-driven decision making, brand definition, growth hacking, and most importantly, a call to rethink the entire developmental and distribution cycle of new stories. THEatre ACCELERATOR blends in our current foundation while exploring how AR/VR/MR expand past the fourth wall.

As the founder of IT Mentors, Tim architects and designs global technology training solutions, helping major corporations understand and apply training and technology to increase business productivity, and providing meaningful advice to CEOs, senior executives, and business leaders. Always eager to learn and share his technical knowledge,

On Broadway Tim produced the Tony Award productions of HAIR, Memphis and An American In Paris. Using the THEatre ACCELERATOR model for new distribution frontiers Tim directed the recent films. Film, Emma and No one Called Ahead.

Tim graduated from the University of California at Irvine with a Bachelor of Sciences in Information and Computer Sciences, later returning to finish his M.B.A. there. He also holds a M.F.A. in Film Production, with a specialization in directing from Chapman University.