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Each month, you will need to not only complete your collaborative assignments, but you will need to plan a way to PRESENT that material in the room.

Please remember that the feedback will be about the WORK – not about the presentation or the performances.

UPLOADING YOUR WORK: For each assignment, you will find a section of the Core Curriculum Home Page where you can UPLOAD your work. If there is more than one assignment in a month, then there will be more than one place to upload your work. Please make sure to upload your work under the correct assignment.
Each person in your team will be able to upload up to THREE files for EACH assignment.
If you have more than three files representing your work for a specific assignment, you can either COMBINE those files; or you can ask one of your team-mates if they can upload one of your files for you.
It is important to upload your work because this is how we will all be able to VIEW or LISTEN to your work, and so that we can avoid making you print out a lot of copies for the room.

PRESENTING YOUR WORK: There is no one way or “right” way to present your work, but you and your team should plan in advance so you are ready when it is time for you to present.

If all of your team-members are participating via video – you should choose one person to SHARE their screen so we can all see the material; and also share their SOUND so that any sound files can be played.

If you have at least one team-member in the room, and you want to present LIVE – you are welcome to use our piano – but we won’t be providing a pianist. If you want to have someone in the room sing live to a track – make sure you are prepared to play the track in the room. (We will have a small speaker available that can interface with the regular headphone jack on a phone or laptop.)

NOTE that given the built in sound delay inherent in video conferencing – it is not possible to have the source of the accompaniment in one location, and the singer in another – they will be out of sync. You need to have the source of the music and the singer both in the SAME PLACE.

You are welcome to make a down-and-dirty demo recording to play for us; but make sure that one of your teammates knows how to “share computer sound” so that we can all hear it.

NOTE: there is no need to spend a lot of time and effort creating an orchestration for your track. Please spend your valuable time on creating the song itself – not on orchestrating it.

If you prepare a track that has the melodic line being played by a reed instrument (oboe or clarinet) – you can ask someone like me – or other sight-singing actors – to sight-sing it for you in the room with no rehearsal.

PAPER COPIES: Everyone will upload their materials to the website – so we can all see the materials – whether in the room or via video – without printing anything out. That being said – if you are going to be in the room and you can bring a couple of printed copies for me and the feedback guest – that would be appreciated but not required.

All in-person participants are encouraged to bring a device so that you can sign on to the Zoom meeting to view materials; and also to take part in the online chat during the session. NOTE: you must join the meeting with NO SOUND and NO VIDEO.

If you are designated by your team to present materials on the screen – and you don’t already have experience – spend some time figuring out how to SHARE your screen in Zoom – and familiarize yourself with the tick-box option to also share your SOUND – the quality of the sound will be much better if you do this.