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PROGRAMS at NMI for the 2022-23 SEASON

General Membership

$500 per year. General membership includes:

• One-on-One Dramaturgy. General Members are entitled to schedule up to 1 (one) one-on-one dramaturgical session with an NMI staff member per month during the membership season (September through June) to discuss whatever projects you have going. Just contact a staff member to set up your session. Note that sessions cannot be “banked” from month to month.

• Monday Night Readings. NMI will support a presentation of your musical for a live audience in our Main Hall. Readings available to General members for no additional cost, but you need to sign up for them ASAP, as slots are limited (dates TBA). Note that some of the Monday Night slots will come with one or two Monday rehearsals prior to the event; and some are “cold” readings. Casting, directing, and music directing would need to be discussed and organized in advance.

• Virtual Workshop. Once a quarter you will be randomly paired with someone to write a song or short musical scene. No feedback; just a celebration of working together.

• 15 Minute Musicals Re-do. Join the Core Curriculum participants from April through June, and write a 15-minute musical. Additional $700 to cover expenses of actors, music directors, and either theatre rental or greenscreen crew/editing.

Full Length Curriculum

$800 per person; no single-author projects. Write a full-length musical in a nine-month period, culminating in a writer-produced public reading.

This is a rigorous structure, with outlining and songspotting deadlines, culminating in writer-produced public readings at NMI. See the Guide to Producing Your Full Length Reading:

The schedule is divided into monthly writer meetings (on Saturday mornings) and Monday evening rehearsals with actors with ARC (the Academy Repertory Company) and guest performers.

Alumni Membership

$100 per year. For writers who don’t have specific projects on the go or are taking some time away from musical theatre, but would still like to support NMI as well as stay on the member roster and the mailing list, and be alerted to opportunities as they arise. For 2022-23, Alumni Membership also entitles you to be included in the Virtual Workshop opportunity (see details in the General Workshop document attached).

NOTE that all programs are billed in FOUR equal installments that are due on September 15, November 15, January 15, and March 15. (Other billing plans can be organized individually if desired.)


Please remember that we are not going to put teams together for any of these programs – you need to put your own team together – BUT we’re happy to try to let you know who else is looking for teams/projects to help facilitate that – so DO let us know if you are looking for a collaborator or a project.

I would strongly encourage you to take a look at the NMI Membership Roster (available online) and start making inquiries to find yourself a team/project/plan to keep making musicals this coming season!

If you have any questions, or need help making a decision, please email to let us know.