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The Core Curriculum is the heart of the Writers’ Workshop at the Academy for New Musical Theatre (which is the academic branch of New Musicals Inc.), and the entry point for all bookwriters, lyricists, and composers new to ANMT. Meetings take place one weekend per month, generally from September until April. Each month, you will be put on a new team and given a song or scene to write and then present at the next month’s session.

Collaborative Process Overview

During the Core Curriculum season, we will be emphasizing ANMT’s collaborative process. This process is first broken down into four basic parts—blueprinting, drafting, presenting, revising—and then further separated into our 10 Steps of Collaboration.

ANMT’s Recommended 10 Steps of Collaboration:

1) Conception

2) Outlining/re-outlining/greenlight

3) Rough draft

4) Song-spotting

5) Writing music and lyrics/Adjusting book

6) Collaborating on presentation

7) Submitting and presenting first draft for feedback

8) Response to feedback

9) Outlining current draft/outline proposed revisions

10) Revisions

General Session Schedule – one weekend per month

Saturday 2:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Presentations

Sunday 2:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Presentations, Assignments, & Collaborator Meetings

Core Curriculum Schedule for the 2022-23 Season
     Sat, Sep 17
     Sun, Sep 18
     Sat, Oct 15
     Sun, Oct 16
     Tue, Oct 18
     Wed, Oct 19
     Thu, Oct 20
     Sat, Nov 12
     Sun, Nov 13
     Sat, Dec 10
     Sun, Dec 11
     Sat, Jan 7
     Sun, Jan 8
     Sat, Feb 4
     Sun, Feb 5
     Sat, Mar 4
     Sun, Mar 5
     Sat, Mar 25
     Sun, Mar 26

(See 15MM section below for other important dates.)

Reading List

The Core assignments are based on plays, screenplays, and teleplays from the current repertoire (copies of which are available on our website). NOTE that this list is subject to change with notice. Scripts that the participants need to read in order to prepare for the assignments include:

     GLITTER AND BEA by Ryan J. Haddad
     IN THE NEXT ROOM (or the vibrator play) by Sarah Ruhl
     THE BIG SICK by Emily V. Gordon & Kumail Nanjiani
     THE FERRYMAN by Jez Butterworth
     THE LAST FIRST by Chad Beckim
     THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED by Douglas Carter Beane
     THE RABBIT HOLE by David Lindsay-Abaire

Craft Labs

Each participant in the Core Curriculum is expected to complete one Craft Lab (Book, Lyrics, or Music). These labs focus directly on the discipline most conducive to your particular talents and contain a challenging workload, independent of the Core Curriculum. You are welcome to take more than one Craft Lab if your schedule permits, although we do not recommend taking three in one season since the workload gets pretty heavy.

The Labs are all delivered completely ON LINE with individualized feedback from the evaluators.


Core Curriculum (including ONE Lab and a 15 Minute Musical): $1700.00

Craft Labs: One Lab is included in Core fee; additional Labs are $495.00 (each)

(Fees are billed in four equal installments billed immediately after the October assignments and then on November 15, January 15, and March 15)

15-Minute Musicals

The Core Curriculum culminates in the intense 15-Minute Musical Experience.

On the 15-Minute Musical Launch Day, you will be put on a team and given a predetermined theme and some common parameters. Just two days later, your team will submit an outline. A week and a half later you will have written your very rough first draft! (Note that your participation will be determined by which Lab(s) you have completed. Lyric Lab participants will be assigned as lyricist, Book Lab as bookwriters, and Music Lab as composers; writers who have completed more than one Lab will be eligible - but not guaranteed - to perform multiple roles depending on the make-up of the group. There will be NO single-writer teams; all teams will have at least two writers, and most will have three.)

Actors will very lightly rehearse this draft and present it for you at the First Assessment where you will receive detailed dramaturgical feedback from the ANMT staff. About two weeks later, you will submit a second draft and go through the same experience at your Second Assessment.

One more re-write and—about two weeks later—your Final Draft will go into rehearsals for a public performance in a Los Angeles theatre - assuming that there are no shelter-in-place orders in effect. (If Los Angeles is under shelter-in-place orders, we will shift the 15 Minute Musicals to a filmed event for the internet.)


Sat, Jul 9 - Relax! Take three weeks off while your scripts are in final rehearsals. (You are ENCOURAGED to attend rehearsals, but you are not required to do so.)
Sat, Jul 9
Preview at NMI. (Exact time TBA.)

Tue, Jul 12
FIRST PERFORMANCE of all 15 MINUTE MUSICALS. (Exact time and location TBA.)

Wed, Jul 13
SECOND PERFORMANCE of all 15 MINUTE MUSICALS. (Exact time and location TBA.)

Thu, Jul 14 to Thu, Jul 14
EXIT INTERVIEWS with John and Elise. A 40-minute slot will be scheduled with each writer on one of these days.

Fri, Jul 15 to Fri, Jul 15
EXIT INTERVIEWS with John and Elise. A 40-minute slot will be scheduled with each writer on one of these days.

Note: Any date shown as REQUIRED ATTENDANCE means in-person for local participants; by LIVE stream-cast for distance participants. Also, each participant would only be assigned to the Red OR the Blue Program, not both.