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New Musicals Inc. (including our curriculum branch - ANMT) is a bustling place, with a lot going on - and a lot to remember. Below you find some nuts-and-bolts information about how to navigate various elements of our website.


1. Go to www.nmi.org

2. Click the “LOGIN” menu item on the far right of the top menu.

3. Enter your Username and Password in the login form on the right-hand side of the login page, and click the login button.

NOTE: If you have not logged onto the site before, your username will likely be your last name followed by your first name (i.e., Jane Smith would have the username SmithJane). Your temporary password is likely to be “nmi”. If this login information doesn’t work for you, try clicking the LOST YOUR PASSWORD link on the login page and requesting a password reset. If you are still not able to get into the site, please email us at admin@nmi.org right away and we will help you out.

4. After successfully logging in, you will find yourself on the NMI Member Account Home Page. PLEASE CHECK OUT YOUR NMI ACCOUNT HOME PAGE – there is LOTS of GREAT INFORMATION there, and links to such things as the Member Roster, general Member Documents, Member Payment Info (you won’t have a payment record yet - nobody in Core will get charged until after membership decisions are made in October); and the Weekly Email and Member News items.

Once you have found your NMI Member Account Home Page - there are THREE PAGES you will want to check out right away:

1. Under the heading PERSONAL PROFILE, click the button that reads UPDATE YOUR PROFILE INFO. From here you can click UPDATE YOUR LOGIN/CONTACT INFO to update your name, email address and contact info; as well as update a picture and other information about yourself, including your pronouns.

2. Under the heading CORE CURRICULUM AUDITION APPLICATION, you will see a reference to your application, and a link to VIEW/EDIT SUBMISSION. Click that, and when you get to your application page, take a look at the toggles to the right-hand side of the page and open those up and have a look at the info. The toggles will tell you a lot of useful info about the audition process including: what to expect for the September and October sessions; info on the Craft Labs that are part of the program; a schedule of dates for the whole season; a listing of SCRIPTS you will want to read prior to each session (with links to the PDF documents) – including the script that you will want to have read prior to the September sessions so you will be ready for the first assignment; instructions for video conferencing; info and a link to a sample of the type of piano/vocal score we require from composer participants; and info on the fees for the season (which don’t kick in until AFTER the auditions).

2. Under YOUR PROJECT PAGES, click on the link to the Core Curriculum Home Page where you will find lots more info – in particular about the other participants who will be joining you for the audition process (HINT: Check out the “BIOS/INFO” tab to see pictures, bios, and other info about your fellow auditioners). Make sure to check out all the tabs, toggles, and links of this page - as it will be your home base for the rest of the season if you wind up staying with us after October.

NOTE: For some useful video tutorials on how to login, as well as how to update your contact info and input your picture and bio, check out the VIDEO TUTORIALS at https://nmi.org/website-tutorial-videos/