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We’re looking for 100 new friends.  Would you be one?

Being a Friend of New Musicals Inc. means that you pledge $5 a month to help us create new musicals.  $5 a month.  (We know you’re tapped out; we get it — EVERYONE’s asking for money these days.  So we’re asking for only $5 a month.)

This month we’re launching a campaign called the “Crescendo Campaign” designed to help NMI make some noise.  (Get it?  Crescendo….?)  We’re tired of being L.A.’s best-kept secret for decades.  So in Phase One of the “Crescendo Campaign”, we’re looking for 100 people to become our friends.

In the very immediate future, we would use your friendship to:

  • finish renovations of our Main Hall
  • become a broadcaster of internet musicals
  • produce musicals on a national scale
  • market 20 of the musicals we’ve developed in the past few seasons
  • expand our writers’ workshop (streamcasting; global outreach)

Will you help us?  Make a musical; make a difference.

Our next three immediate goals (next 30 days!):

  • LED lights for the Main Hall
  • Produce eight musicals at 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival
  • Shoot a pair of musical webseries

You’ve already helped us raise $8000

Many of you responded to our pre-launch campaign back in December, helping to match the Board of Directors’ $4,000 initial contribution.  This has allowed us to get a head-start on the renovations.  We’ve hired crews to paint the Main Hall and kitchen, strip and stain the nasty floor, fabricate new curtains all the way around the room, and paint us a permanent green screen.  The place is already looking spectacular — thank you!

Before renovation....

Say goodbye to the orange walls!

After Renovation

Next stage:  Better LIGHTS!

If you’re like us, you’re tapped out. 

Hurricanes, wildfires, Hamilton tickets.  There’s not much left over at the end of the month…and yet…you still want to support writers and creators of new musicals.

You can become a Friend of New Musicals for $5 a month.

You could do that, couldn’t you?  $5 for the month of December.

As a Friend of New Musicals, you would:

  • receive a quarterly members-only Musical Theatre Insiders e‑newsletter
  • subsidize a portion of our programs to study, create and produce new musicals
  • get special treatment for our events and concerts
  • get your name listed on our website and in our programs
  • be filled with pride you’re helping to preserve America’s unique artform: the musical
  • receive a receipt for your 100% tax deductible donation to our 501(c)3 number (FEIN 01-0745909)

We know you’ve been giving, and giving, and giving to a world which needs you.  We know this isn’t the right time to ask for $1000 donations…but can you become a Friend of New Musicals for $5 a month?

Donation options:

If you wish to make a donation of a different amount; or a single (non-recurring) donation; or if you do not have a PayPal account, you can visit our DONATION page for more options.

NMI is a registered charitable organization (FEIN #01-0745909). Your donation, whether recurring or one-time, will be 100% tax deductible.