Featured Video: concert reading of SPELLBOUND by Ben Boecker | NewMusicalsInc

Featured Video: concert reading of SPELLBOUND by Ben Boecker

The featured video release this week is the concert reading of the new musical Spellbound: A Perfect Musical Fairytale, written by Ben Boecker. This musical was the winner of the 2017 SEARCH FOR NEW MUSICALS and received a workshop with the Academy Repertory Company prior to the concert reading as part of the STAGES Festival on Sunday, July 30, 2017. Starring Conchita Belisle Newman, Christopher Maikish, Sari Rose Barron, Jordan Goodsell, Elise Dewsberry, Andrea Press, and Lia Peros. With Ron Barnett at the piano. Check back next week for another new musical related featured video. Check it out at http://nmi.org/the-front-row/


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