Featured Video: Selections from BRAVO, NMI’s 2017 Search for New Musicals 1st Place Winner | NewMusicalsInc

Featured Video: Selections from BRAVO, NMI’s 2017 Search for New Musicals 1st Place Winner

Visit our YouTube Channel at https://youtu.be/usidHiZcOzY to check out NMI’s newest Featured Video, featuring a live performance of two songs from Bravo, First Prize winner of NMI’s 2017 Search for New Musicals.

Bravo is an exciting new musical by Christian Guerrero, Andrew Moorhead, and Steven Schmidt. Set in Italy during the second World War, Bravo tells the story of Renzo, a misunderstood fourteen year old who struggles to fit in with his peers in the Mussolini Fascist Youth movement. When he’s confronted with a group of Jewish children hiding in the tunnels beneath the city, he begins to question whether or not the hate he’s been taught is morally right.

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This performance was recorded at NMI Live! a bi-monthly showcase of original music performed at NMI’s North Hollywood studio, produced by Claire Partin and Kat Zimmerman, and features an introduction by NMI’s Artistic Director, Elise Dewsberry, solo performances by Courtney Martin, Ethan Christopher Ross, and vocal performances by Troy Armand Barboza,  Zachary Campa,  Lauran Dewey,  Camden Espino,  Lily Florczak,  Cristian  Guerrero,  Zachary Keller,  Melissa Ann Lawmaster, Logan Mack,  Courtney Martin,  Shannon Martinous,  Veronica McFarlane,  Ethan Christopher Ross,  Andrew Shubin,  and Megan Marie Tiller.

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