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general audition info

NMI is always looking for musical theatre performers for ongoing projects.

If you missed our annual auditions (generally in March or April), you can still register for our TALENT BANK and input your information and samples, and then send us an email at admin at nmi dot org to let us know you’d like us to check it out.

PLEASE NOTE that NMI welcomes both union and non-union performers to VOLUNTEER with us.
To understand more about what that means for your involvement with NMI,

The annual auditions for 2018 are closed. Check back in early 2019 for next year’s auditions.


Prior to your audition, make sure you update your resume information by clicking the UPDATE YOUR PROFILE INFO button on your NMI Account Home Page, and then scrolling down to the PERFORMER INFO section of the profile page.  You can choose to make your resume info public by signing up for the Talent Bank, but you do NOT need to do to take part in an NMI General Audition.  However, you should definitely fill out your profile info for our records, whether you are signing up for the Talent Bank or not.

At the audition, you will be asked to present 16 bars from two contrasting songs, and one 1 minute contemporary monologue.

Please bring at least one picture and resume for the staff to review - but also know that all of the participants will have access to your resume information on line. NOTE that no one will have access to your personal contact information, but they will be able to contact you through your NMI account.

If you find you are unable to attend your assigned slot, PLEASE RETURN TO YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE AND CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT.