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Michael Gordon Shapiro: THE BULLY PROBLEM – STAGES 2017

“There’s a vast space between having a great idea for a musical and completing one that connects with an audience. As an educational institution, NMI taught me the craft needed to cross that scary void. As a developmental organization, NMI gave me a workshop opportunity, which came with that most vexing but useful gift: a deadline!”

Michael Shapiro

Composer/lyricist/bookwriter/occasional reluctant producer
Member Since 2014

Michael Gordon Shapiro writes music, lyrics, and stories for musical theater, sometimes at the same time. A film/game/TV composer by profession, his lifelong love of musical theater nagged at him until he finally put pen to paper. (Or more frequently, trackpad to notation software.)  His children’s show SUPER SIDEKICK: THE MUSICAL, co-written with Gregory Crafts, is published by Samuel French, and enjoys several performances in the US each year, usually adorable. (It also had an Off Broadway production in 2012.) Other stage projects include A FEAST OF SNACKS, an anthology of short musicals that has been performed in such exotic locales as Cardiff, London, and Abilene, TX; GIDEON and the BLUNDERNSORP, a fantasy for orchestra and narrator; and THE BULLY PROBLEM, a lightly science-fictional two act musical for young performers. His multiple award-winning short musicals have been performed in short play festivals worldwide.

Michael is busily refining his family musical THE BULLY PROBLEM. He keeps an eye on productions of his children’s show SUPER SIDEKICK: THE MUSICAL, and his short musical anthology A FEAST OF SNACKS, offering support where needed but mostly nagging for production photos.


Audio Sample:

Super Sidekick: The Musical performed at the Topeka Civic Theatre in 2016

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