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5628 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood has rental space available to accommodate your rehearsal, meeting, and other space needs - with very reasonable rental rates.

To make a booking, call us at 818-506-8500, or email us at

Main Hall

Main Rehearsal Hall   40′ x 24′

Platform stage is 20′ wide, 8′ deep, and 18″ high  (black curtain is decorative only)

room for up to 75 with comfortable banquet chair seating

Front Studio

Front Studio 11′ x 18.5′

Great for ensemble rehearsals

Small Studio

Small Studio 12′ x 11′

Ideal for private vocal lessons/coaching

Common Area

The Common Area is available to all rentals, included without additional charge.

12′ x 27′ Reception area
(two 1-person bathrooms; small kitchen area)