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Want to get feedback on your new musical? Want to study the craft of writing for musical theatre? Want to learn more about how to market your new musical? Want to see a new musical or support the development of new musicals?

We have so many options here at NMI - we know it can seem overwhelming. This page will break down the different ways in which you can get involved with us - and link you to more details for each option. If it’s still overwhelming after you check out the options on this page - please know that we are always available by phone or by email to answer your questions!

Just click the picture or title of any of the sections below for lots more info!



core curriculum

Bookwriters, lyricists, and composers are invited to join our collaborative workshop - the Core Curriculum. Meet new collaborators, hone your skills, become part of a community, and have your 15 minute musical produced at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Long distance participation is possible via video conferencing. Participants completing the program may be invited to join NMI’s on-going Writer’s Workshop. Audition by attending our September sessions.

resource center

NMI hosts the Musical Theatre Writers Resource Center - an online tool with listings of contests, theatres and producers, public domain ideas; as well as a glossary, insider tips and advice videos, a Writer Bank, and much more. Many of the resources are available for free. Get added options and discount codes with a Premium subscription.

craft labs

Hone your skills at your own pace with the online Craft Labs offered by our sister site: Courses include the Book Lab, Lyric and Advanced Lyric Labs, Music Lab, Outlining Lab, and the new Master Class with the Masters.

boot camp

Most summers, NMI hosts various different short-term intensive courses for bookwriters, lyricists, composers, and performers at the Summer Boot Camp. Courses for the upcoming summer are generally announced in the early spring.


search for new musicals

Submit your completed musical for feedback from NMI’s staff dramaturges. From the Overview Evaluation to Detailed Analysis, each submission level comes with expert critical feedback, as well as an entry into our annual contest with prizes including a public concert reading in Los Angeles (sometimes at our bi-ennial STAGES Festival of New Musicals). Submit year-round; annual deadline is July 15.


In addition to the options available through the annual Search for New Musicals, NMI offers many different levels of personal consultations that can be tailored to your specific needs at your level of development. Consultations are also available to discuss marketing, producing, and all other aspects. To get an overview of the many different options available, check out the “Elise Explains Everything” page.

new voices project

Writers between the ages of 18 and 26 are invited to submit for our annual New Voices Project. Submissions open in January of each year; the annual deadline is February 15. Winners of the New Voices Project receive feedback from the NMI staff and a concert in Los Angeles.

biz of the biz conference

Wondering what to do now that you have a completed musical? Try attending our bi-ennial Biz of the Musical Theatre Biz Conference where you can attend panels with artistic directors, producers, entertainment lawyers, and other industry professionals with the inside dope on how to get your musical out there.


15 minute musicals

Every summer, NMI produces original 15-minute musicals written by the members of the current Core Curriculum. To get your own 15 minute musical produced, check out the Core Curriculum section above under “study”.

concert readings

NMI hosts public concert readings of new musicals at various times during the year. The annual “got musical” presentation is an evening of excerpts from musicals currently being developed by NMI. To be considered for a reading of your musical, check out the Search for New Musicals section above; or check out the option for a table reading or staged reading under the Consultation section above.

fringe festival

After a successful summer producing 12 new short musicals at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival, NMI is committed to continuing to produce new musicals at the Fringe. NMI’s Fringe musicals will be developed through the Core Curriculum and the on-going Writers’ Workshop.

world premieres

NMI has produced three full world premiere productions. All of those new musicals were developed at NMI with NMI member writers. For now - we will be continuing to produce only musicals written by our own members - but as more resources become available to us, we will be producing more and including writers from all over the world!


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Want to stay informed about everything we’re up to? Subscribe to our quarterly e-newsletter; and/or our local Event Blast. Choose your own e-subscription preferences.

make a donation

Want to support NMI’s development of new musicals? You’re in luck - because we’re a registered charity and your donations are tax-deductible! Check out our donation page to make a straight donation - but also consider shopping at our annual Online Holiday Auction (through BiddingForGood); or sign up at Ralph’s; or choose NMI as your charity at Amazon Smile!

become a friend

Want to support NMI’s development of new musicals AND stay informed about what we’re up to? Consider becoming a FRIEND of NEW MUSICALS with a charitable gift of as little as $5 per month - and get a quarterly update on everything that’s going on!

see a show

One of the best ways to support the development of new musicals is to come and SEE one! Our public events (sometimes ticketed, but often free!) include readings, concerts, developmental workshops, full productions, and now our monthly Musical Theatre Evensong service!


our stories

Read the personal stories of writers and other professionals who have worked with NMI.


Visit the Testimonials page to see ALL the feedback about all the NMI programs.

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