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NMI LIVE! - Submissions

SUBMIT your new songs to our new concert platform - NMI LIVE! - an occasional informal concert where songwriters can showcase their new material.

The next NMI Live! concert date will be: Sunday, December 9th at 7pm.

Join us for a great holiday party - as well as the final countdown for our Online Holiday Auction!


Send all submissions to email address: nmilive.newmusic@gmail.com

1. Let us know how you heard about the show.

2. Sample of your song(s) A link, an mp3 or a video so we know what kind of music you are currently working on - does not have to be the song(s) to be performed.

3. Website, facebook page, youtube or any other social media platform to find you on.

3. Bio and photo

If chosen you will have a chance to perform LIVE 1 to 3 songs in one of our upcoming shows.

All songs are to be performed live. Let us know if you would need someone to perform your song!


Claire Partin and Kat Zimmerman, co-producers NMI Live!