Stages Musical Theatre Festival 2019 | NewMusicalsInc

A weekend of new musicals in concerts, table readings, and a white knuckle-ride ice-cold reading


Admission is free for all events.  There is a suggested donation at the concert readings.


The Festival takes place at New Musicals Inc; 5628 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood, CA  91601.


New Musicals Inc.
5628 Vineland Avenue
North Hollywood, CA  91601

Thursday, August 1

8pm     ACROSS THE STREET  - a concert reading of the new musical by Dean Alexander and Janet Hay

Friday, August 2

8pm     THE MAX FACTOR FACTOR - an ICE COLD READING of the new musical by Adrian Bewley, Joe Blodgett, and Chana Wise

Saturday, August 3

1pm       BIG NOISE - a table reading of the new musical by Joel Bailey and Ron Barnett
4:30pm  THE PLOT TO KILL CHARLIE CHAPLIN - a concert reading of the new musical by Scott Guy and Kevin Mathie
8pm        THE FLESH TRADE - a concert reading of the new musical by Chris Holoyda (SEARCH FOR NEW MUSICALS 2019 winner) (for mature audiences)

Sunday, August 4

2pm       PICKPOCKET - a table reading of the new musical by Sandy Kasten and Billy Wolfe
6pm       GOT MUSICAL! a concert of excerpts from musicals in development

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This prestigious festival of new musicals, now in its 21st season, features new musicals presented in concert readings, in a jam-packed weekend of musicals.  August 1 through 4 at New Musicals Inc., 5628 Vineland in North Hollywood.  Some events will be live-streamed.


about the shows:

Across the Street

“Across the Street,” by Dean Alexander and Janet Hay, exploring racial tensions between Irish and Jewish immigrants in America just prior to World War II.  A concert reading on August 1st at 8pm.

The Plot to Kill Charlie Chaplin

“The Plot to Kill Charlie Chaplin” book and lyrics by Scott Guy, music by Kevin Mathie, dramatizing the allegedly true plot to assassinate Charlie Chaplin onboard William Randolph Hearst’s yacht.  It’s told in a vaudeville/silent movie style, presented in a concert reading at 4:30pm on Friday August 2nd.

Big Noise

“Big Noise”, with book and lyrics by Joel Bailey and music by Ron Barnett. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a dedicated musician fights to hold on to the two things he loves the most, his wife and his music. A table reading on Saturday August 3rd at 1:00pm.

The Max Factor Factor

“The Max Factor Factor” with book by Adrian Bewley, music by Joe Blodgett, and lyrics by Chana Wise, about rival movie studios in the 1930’s thrown into chaos when their rival leading men fall in love with each other.  An “ice-cold reading”, in which we put the scripts of a brand-new-draft in front of actors and singers without any rehearsal whatsoever.  Livestreamed on Friday, August 2 at 8:00pm.

The Flesh Trade

The Flesh Trade is a 100-proof ragtime horror-comedy infused with cannibalism, greed, and women of ill repute. A surviving member of the Donner Party commissions a young prostitute to scare up meat for his cannibal gang…has she found a way out of the flesh trade, or bitten off more than she can chew? Second-Prize Winner of NMI’s 2019 Search for New Musicals, written by Chris Holoyda. A concert reading on Saturday August 3 at 8:00pm.


“Pickpocket” book and lyrics by Sandy Kasten, music by Billy Wolfe.  A young woman makes her way in turn of the century New York.  Table reading on Sunday August 4th at 2pm.

got musical!

“got musical”  NMI’s annual celebration of this year’s season of development of new musicals.  Presented in concert will be selections from NMI’s New Voices Project (featuring writers under the age of 26), “Ghost of a Chance” book by Rhonda Leghere, music by Ron Barnett, lyrics by Scott Kriloff; “Foresight Saga,” book and lyrics by Wayne Self, music by Scott Wilkenson, and selections from some of our musical webseries, including “Tales from a Darkening Wood.”  Livestreamed beginning 6:00pm on Sunday August 4th.