Six musicals.   Two weekends.    Two venues.

Schedule for Weekend #1

New Musicals Inc.
5628 Vineland Avenue
North Hollywood, CA  91601

Friday, August 21


Saturday, August 22

1pm     OFF THE WALL
8pm     BAGELS!

Sunday, August 23



Schedule for Weekend #2

3D Theatricals Rehearsal Hall

1255 N. Knollwood Circle

Anaheim, CA 92801.

Friday, August 28

8pm     BAGELS!

Saturday, August 29

4pm     OFF THE WALL

Sunday, August 30


This prestigious festival of new musicals, now in its 18th year, features new musicals presented in concert readings.  This year’s festival features six musicals, presented in two venues over two weekends:  August 21-23 at the Academy for New Musical Theatre, 5628 Vineland in North Hollywood and August 28-20 at 3D Theatricals, 1255 N. Knollwood Circle in Anaheim, CA 92801.


about the shows:

The Anarchist Girl

“The Anarchist Girl” - An edgy, provocative chamber musical about a young protestor who breaks into a house planning to kidnap a famous author, to make him a spokesperson for her cause, only to find that this former literary giant is now confined to a wheelchair, no longer able to speak. She turns her attention to the author’s shut-in son, and tries to convince him to come with her into the dangerous world to stand up for what he believes in. This is an “existential” musical that will appeal to the audience that loves a challenge!

Book and lyrics by J. Linn Allen, and music by Cris Wo.

Directed by Jon Sparks with musical direction by Ron Barnett.


“Bagels!”- The almost-true story of the man who invented the automated bagel-making machine; how it almost tore apart a family, and got some union bagel makers pretty upset.  A family comedy, but with some adult moral dilemmas for the young inventor, this show has a charming, witty book and a lovely joyful score.

Book and lyrics by Chana Wise, music by Carl Johnson.

Directed by John Henry Davis, with musical direction by Emily Cohn.

Oklahoma in Wisconsin

It’s 1950, and the Bradley family are in dire financial straits with their Inn in Fish Creek Wisconsin.  Then a Hollywood location scout comes to town - promising to bring prosperity along with the filming of the movie version of Oklahoma!  Will he be able to pull it off?  A funny family show full of glorious harmonies.  A follow-up to our popular “Ice-Cold Reading” at STAGES 2013, this reading will be an “Almost-Cold-Reading” with a brave who will have had the music in advance, but will never have had a rehearsal.  Come join the fun!

Book and lyrics by Richard Castle, music by Matthew Levine


“Invisible” tells the story of two nerdy high school guys decide to create a potion to make themselves popular, so they can go to prom with the school’s cheerleading twins.  But miraculously, the potion turns one of them invisible!  Things start to sour between the friends when the visible one starts taking advantage of the situation, and doesn’t want to help his one-time-buddy become visible again, leading up to an explosive prom night.  It features a driving, young score with humor that’s edgy and contemporary (but still family friendly!)

Book by David Hollingsworth, lyrics and music by David Orris.

Directed by Elise Dewsberry with musical direction by Bryan Blaskie.

New Voices Project

A concert of songs and musical excerpts written by the winners of the 2015 New Voices Projects - all writers under the age of 26.  This is the third year of this competition, with support from Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment.

Off the Wall

This musical comedy, loosely inspired by the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, won the 2014 Search for New Musicals.  In this five-character, ninety-minute, original musical, the Mona Lisa is brought to life when a worker in the Louvre kisses her.  Much to worker’s dismay, Mona Lisa immediately starts causing chaos all over Paris.  This fresh, tongue-in-cheek musical may take place in the Belle Epoque, but it whimsically explores contemporary themes, including the glorification of celebrity, the obsession with physical beauty, and the importance of taking a second glance at preconceived notions of love and art.

Book and lyrics by Sarah Rebell, music by Danny Abosch.

Directed by Allison Bibicoff with musical direction by Jan Roper.

3D Theatricals

“…Under the guiding hand of T.J. Dawson, 3-D Theatricals has delivered shows whose production values exceed many a touring company…, and which are as slick and professional as anything in New York City…”  (Orange County Register)

“Cancel that flight to New York; there’s no need to fly all that way to experience Broadway. Not when there is a locally produced, wonderfully staged, energetic and enthusiastic musical from 3-D Theatricals.”  (Los Angeles Daily News)