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New Musicals Inc. is also the home of the Academy for New Musical Theatre; the West Coast version of New York’s BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.  It’s been running for nearly 40 years in L.A.  We offer musical theatre bookwriters, lyricists and composers many different options and levels of instruction:

Want to finish your current musical first?  Take a look at the Incubator…a program designed to guide you towards completing your new musical.

core curriculum

The Core Curriculum parallels the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop in New York.  You’ll be paired with a different collaborator every month, writing duets, musical scenes, ensembles, ballads, complaint songs, as well as monologues, dialogue, and scene/song structure all based on prize-winning plays as source material.  An in-depth, intense six-month workshop, which culminates in a production of your 15-minute musical in a professional theatre in Los Angeles.

MORE INFO on the Core Curriculum.

personalized curriculum

Interested in the Core, but anxious to keep working on your own musical during the year?

If you’d like to use YOUR musical for your Core assignments, we’re open to that!  Base your comedy song, or ballad, or musical scene, etc., on material from your own show — and no worries if one particular assignment isn’t an exact match for your score…for that song you can use the prize-winning material the rest of your collaborators are using.

online study

Don’t live in Los Angeles?  Not a problem.  You can participate in our Core Curriculum via live stream-casting from anywhere in the world.  We’ve had participants from San Francisco, to Phoenix, to New York, to Singapore.

Or maybe you just want to sign up for just one of the craft labs (instead of the Core) and study at your own pace from your own home?

The online courses include dozens of videos, lectures, handouts, interactive tests, exercises, and your own personalized instructor who will give you feedback on your assignments.  Study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.  There are online craft labs for bookwriters, lyricists, and composers.

MORE INFO about the online craft labs.

summer musical theatre boot camp

Shorter, intensive courses in all aspects of the creation of new musicals.

MORE INFO about this year’s summer boot camp.


Fees for Core Curriculum

The fee for the Core Curriculum is $1500.

This includes one online craft lab (Book, Lyric, or Music) and a production of your 15 Minute Musical.

Optional additional online craft labs are $495 each.

Fees are billed in quarterly installments of $375 (payments do not begin until after official acceptance).

Schedule for Core Curriculum

Calendar 2019-2020

Saturdays:  2:30 to 6:30pm

Sundays:    2:30 to 7:30pm

Location:   5628 Vineland Ave. in North Hollywood

Core Curriculum Schedule for Current Season
     Sat, Sep 21
     Sun, Sep 22
     Sat, Oct 19
     Sun, Oct 20
     Sat, Nov 16
     Sun, Nov 17
     Sat, Dec 14
     Sun, Dec 15
     Sat, Jan 11
     Sun, Jan 12
     Sat, Feb 8
     Sun, Feb 9
     Sat, Mar 7
     Sun, Mar 8
     Sat, Mar 28
     Sun, Mar 29
ALSO:  The 15-Minute Musicals section of the program (writing, revisions, rehearsals, and performances) take place from the last session listed above through (approximately) mid-July.


All applicants for the Core Curriculum will take part in an audition in September.  Attend the first sessions in September, then collaborate with a fellow applicant over the next month and present your work in October for feedback.  At that point - we will make a determination as to whether or not you are a good candidate for the program at that time, and will make our offers of acceptance for the rest of the season.  (This also gives you a chance to assess whether or not the program is a good fit for you.)

NOTE:  To apply for an audition spot, you will be prompted to CREATE AN NMI ACCOUNT first.



Training and coaching for the professional musical theatre actor.  Designed to give you what you need over a short period of time with these Actor Master Class Intensives. Taught by a Broadway-seasoned staff, these classes are powerful, affordable and flexible. Each class gives you the concrete skills and results to help you move forward with your career goals.  Sign up to be on the waiting list for whichever courses are right for you, and we’ll contact you as soon as there’s an opening.

For into on available classes, CLICK HERE.


John Sparks is a wonderful teacher and was a real help to me. I still think about things he said in that Workshop. He’s a real boon to people writing musicals.

Mark Hollmann, composer, Urinetown

In a world of diminishing standards, it’s inspirational to be part of a group constantly striving to raise the bar.

Jeffery Lyle Segal, It Happened in Roswell

I always thought I had it in me to write for musical theatre, but it took ANMT to lead me through the steps to learn the craft, develop the skills, and ultimately find my own voice as a writer.

Robin Share, Windjammers

I expect to be connected to ANMT for many, many moons to come. It’s like heaven to me there. A rare and rarified atmosphere, to be sure.

Joan Enguita

How much I’ve learned from you! It’s just been invaluable. I have yet to be able to find anything local in NYC that’s as good as what I get from your program.

JR Martine

I am impressed with the detail to the stages and in depth study requirements at every step of [the Music Lab]. I’ve been immersed in it and realise that this is what it takes for it to really become part of one’s tool box of skills to be able to write musical theatre.

Vicki Hare

For the person interested in musical theatre, there are few places greater at bringing together support, critique, and artistic collaboration than The Academy of New Musical Theatre.

Sachi Oyama, Librettist, Imelda

ANMT has taught me everything I know about composing for musical theatre.  I am very grateful to the organization for inspiring me, equipping me, and broadening my opportunities.

Sandy Shanin, composer

It is always amazing how you always manage, with seriousness, humor, and respect, to pinpoint what works and what can be improved in the works presented to you, and offer helpful suggestions. I just love the process of writing this way. Having you guys on our team is stimulating, helps us keep on track, and on our toes!

Edward Auslender

If you are serious about creating for the musical theatre, the program at ANMT is nonpareil. Experienced, professional, talented, and enthusiastic teachers guide a hard-working student body. This is the real deal, a bargain, great fun, and where careers are born.

Neville Johnson

I’ve had hundreds of classes not only in getting my doctorate but all the many of the post-doctoral classes I’ve had. Your class taught me more in those three hours about working out a story than ever I’ve known before. Thank you for it!

Mel McKee, Writer

Thank you so much for all the great notes, Elise. You’ve truly got a gift. I used to be a script analyst for Oliver Stone, James Cameron and Sydney Pollack - also Miramax, CAA etc. And I know a truly insightful eye when I see one.

Robert Rosen

Mercury Musical Developments has used ANMT’s excellent writer training as a model and inspiration for many years. ANMT is ensuring, vitally, that new talent is nurtured, focused and honed. The organisation deserves huge plaudits for its commitment and service to new musical writing.

Georgina Bexon, Mercury Musical Developments, London

The Academy for New Musical Theatre is a wonderful place to learn new skills, make friends, see your work come to life and grow as a person. As a recent Core Curriculum grad, I can’t say enough about the patience, skill and support one receives during the sometimes scary process of writing a musical that will actually be produced on a stage in L.A. The work they are doing at ANMT will serve American Musical Theatre very well in the coming decades, helping it to stay alive and prosper. Bravo to ANMT!

Joanna Perry-Folino

Creating a musical in a vacuum is easy, it’s only when you learn the art of collaboration that you realize what you’ve been missing and what your strengths and weaknesses are. The Academy for New Musical Theatre is on time, on target and long over due. If you’re a serious writer, lyricist or composer and love musicals, stop playing around. Get to the Academy and get it done.

James Goins, Composer

ANMT is a group of very talented writers and actors who are keeping the art of musical theater alive and well through collaborations and commissions from theaters, producers and directors. Since joining the workshop, my knowledge and skills have grown immensely through the support and guidance of the fabulous staff, which includes the best dramaturges anywhere!

Bonnie Janofsky, composer