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Do you love musical theatre?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Here at the Front Row, you’ll find lots of interesting things, provided to you for FREE by New Musicals Inc.:

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Are you WRITING and/or DEVELOPING a new musical?

If so, you’ll want to see the Musical Theatre Writers’ Resource Center.  Links to producers, agents, theatres, contests, ideas, workshops, feedback, links and advice.



Here’s a random quote from our Lyric Library:

March went out like a lion
A-whippin’ up the water in the bay.
Then April cried
And stepped aside,
And long come pretty little May.

--Oscar Hammerstein II

Sneak Previews:

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Here are some random samples from our musical-theatre related links:

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      • Musical Theatre Mash
      • Now Playing in San Francisco
      • The Definitive Musical Theatre Website – London

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Here's a sample of items from our vault of historical photos, and musical theatre trivia about events that happened THIS month in the past:

      • March 10, 1954     The Threepenny Opera opened at the Theater de Lys off-Broadway today. It was the first major American production of the jazz and opera-infused musicals by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht.
      • March 21, 1869     Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. was born today in Chicago. The 1936 Oscar-winning ‘The Great Ziegfeld’ immortalized his life and marriages.
      • March 31, 1943     Rodgers, Hammerstein and de Mille all but gave birth to what we now know as a ‘musical.’ Oklahoma! opened today.

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