Sondheim lecturing on “Into the Woods” composition
Length: 52:00   Originally posted: 06/20/2000
Grainy VHS footage, but amazing.  Sondheim at the piano discussing the musical motifs in “Into the Woods” (5 notes/five magic beans; 4 notes/4 tasks; etc.).  Really instructive and humbling.  If you haven’t seen this, you must.  If you’ve seen this before, well worth your time to view again.

Kander and Ebb documentary
Length: 53 minutes   Originally posted: 05/31/2013
This hour long documentary on one of Broadway’s best writing teams Kander and Ebb. Lots of RARE footage from Kander and Ebb shows Like Chicago, Flora the Red Menace, Cabaret, The Happy Time, The Act, The Rink, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Steel Pier, Zorba and more!

Josh Gad sings his way into James Corden’s Monologue
Length: 4:49   Originally posted: 04/08/2015
Josh Gad fantasizes what it would be like if HE had his own talk show…which would be musical, of course.  Can you rhyme “Can I help you host the show, man” with anything….?  Show, man…show, man….

Carpool Karaoke with Jennifer Hudson and James Hudson
Length: 8:06   Originally posted: 04/13/2015
James and Jennifer Hudson make the most of their drive to work singing a few classic tunes, stopping at her Hollywood Walk of Fame star and ordering from a drive-through.

The Crosswalk Musical with James Corden
Length: 5:03   Originally posted: 04/07/2015
James Corden and company perform GREASE…in the middle of a crosswalk.   So, y’know, they have :38 seconds to perform “Greased Lightning” before the cars start honking their horns.

Martin Short’s Funeral Song for David Letterman
Length: 7:06   Originally posted: 05/07/2015
Martin Short says farewell to David Letterman…in song.   (n.b. — “Cobra/Oprah” — oh no, you didn’t.)

sung by Martin Short

Weirdest Misheard Lyrics
Length: 3:00   Originally posted: 04/24/2015
Those BuzzFeed guys are at it again — mangling lyrics….

BuzzFeed Video

Happy (from Despicable Me)
Length: 3:52   Originally posted: 06/18/2013
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.

Pharrell Williams

Let it Go
Length: 4:00   Originally posted: 01/30/2014
Maybe you’ve heard this song.  Here’s the official singalong version.

Idina Menzel

Walt Disney Studios

School is Closed
Length: 3:58   Originally posted: 01/26/2015
A parody of Let It Go (“School is Closed), the head of a school in Providence, Rhode Island, announces the blizzard’s closed school for the day…through musical theatre.

Matt Glendinning

Justin Peters, vocals

Adam Olenn, Lyrics

On the Steps of the Palace
Length: 3:06   Originally posted: 01/08/2015
Excerpt the movie version of Into the Woods. Cinderella sings:  “He’s a very smart Prince.  He’s a prince who prepares.  Knowing this time I’d run from him, he spread pitch on the stairs.”

by Stephen Sondheim

with Anna Kendrick

(and a frozen Chris Pine)

Agony (Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen)
Length: 2:27   Originally posted: 01/08/2015
Agony far more painful than yours, when you know that she’d go with you…if there only were doors. A clip from the movie version of Into the Woods.

Stephen Sondheim

Chris Pine

Billy Magnussen

Sweeny Todd in Five Minutes
Length: 5:18   Originally posted: 07/31/2014
An irreverent but respectful rapid summary of Sweeney Todd, with visual and audio excerpts from the PBS broadcast.

Musical Theatre Mash

with Kevin MacLeod


Word Crimes – Weird Al Yankovic
Length: 2:46   Originally posted: 07/15/2014
If you can’t write in the proper way, and you don’t know how to conjugate, maybe you flinked that class, and now you find (Hey, hey) that peepl mock u on liiine.

Weird Al Yankovic

No Woman, No Drive
Length: 4:06   Originally posted: 10/26/2014
“Of course the driver can take you anywhere, because the queens don’t driiiiiive.”  8-part harmony with one guy singing all eight parts.

Written and produced by

Hisham Fageeh

Fahad Albutairi

Alaa Wardi

starring eight versions of Alaa Wardi

Length: 3:31   Originally posted: 07/01/2014
Ray Romano, Adam Chandler, Louis Armstrong, Kermit the Frog (Billie Holiday at 1:08 — makes you want more.)

Written by Rob Cantor & Andrew Horowitz

with Rob Cantor

Shia LaBeouf — the Cannibal
Length: 3:22   Originally posted: 10/21/2014
Running for your life from Shia LaBeouf…. (Because LaBeouf’s Wikipedia page was hacked for a day, replaced with fake news that he was a cannibal, and the fake news somehow began to be believed as true.)

Written by Rob Cantor

With The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, the West LA Children’s Choir and the Argus Quartet.

Ten Top Singers Who are Unexpectedly Good Singers
Length: 14:38   Originally posted: 12/13/2014
Joseph Gordon Leavitt.  Jimmy Farrell. Ryan Goslin, Zachary Levi, Hugh Laurie, Gerard Butler,  Ewan McGregor, Rob Pattenson…who else?

Jaden Smith Tweets — sung by an opera singer
Length: 2:22   Originally posted: 12/02/2014
When The First Animal Went Extinct That Should’ve Bin A Sign.

Buzz Feed

If Men Were Disney Princesses
Length: 3:42   Originally posted: 12/18/2014
Because who doesn’t want to marry a homeless Arabian man?

Alex Lewis, Keith Haversberger

Let’s Just Be Friends
Length: 4:00   Originally posted: 09/04/2011
“You are my straight gay friend.”  (Not what he wants to hear….)

Alex Lewis

The Mysterious Ticking Noise
Length: 2:00   Originally posted: 03/23/2007
Potter Puppet Pals — 156,000,000 views.  The Harry Potter references are a little old…but…if you haven’t seen this….

If Disney Cartoons Were Historically Accurate
Length: 3:33   Originally posted: 02/05/2013
It’s quiet because everyone died of the plague….

Riverdance Flashmob
Length: 4:00   Originally posted: 03/16/2011
Flashmob.  Riverdance.  Central Station, Sydney, Australia.

Sound of Music/Central Station Antwerp
Length: 3:50   Originally posted: 03/23/2009
Still joyous, six years later.  A cast of a thousand sings and dances in the middle of a crowded train station in Antwerp in this amazing publicity stunt for a local production of The Sound of Music.

I Love Lunch!
Length: 2:23   Originally posted: 11/05/2009
A musical intrudes into a shopping mall in the middle of lunch, courtesy of Improv Everywhere.

Gotta Share!
Length: 3:20   Originally posted: 05/08/2011
A musical breaks out in the middle of a marketing conference, courtesy of Improv Everywhere.

Food Court Musical
Length: 3:40   Originally posted: 03/09/2008
Spontaneous musical breaks out in an actual food court, courtesy of Improv Everywhere.

Broadway: the American Musical (PBS Documentary)
Length: 6 hours (multiple episodes)   Originally posted: 06/27/2014
PBS’ loving documentary about Broadway from its earliest roots to now.

Adam Levine: Musical Theatre Geek
Length: 2:00   Originally posted: 12/16/2014
Excerpts with The Voice‘s Adam Levine’s musical theatre side.

Things Musical Theatre Nerds Do
Length: 3:11   Originally posted: 12/03/2014
Alex Lewis’s take on musical theatre cliches.  It’s very “Jellicle Cats.”

Tom Cruise Singalong at Comic-Con
Length: 4:48   Originally posted: 07/22/2013
Spontantous singalong — I Want to Know What Love Is….sung by Tom Cruise.  (singing stops after 1:26)

Length: 2:20   Originally posted: 01/29/2015
“Goodbye Skymall.  You are now obsolete.  I live in darkness without a glowing toilet seat.” Adele sings a heartfelt farewell to Skymall on Conan O’Brien’s show.


Conan O’Brien

I Quit!
Length: 4 and a half minutes   Originally posted: 08/14/2008
A seemingly mild-mannered businessman joins an unsuspecting lunch-time crowd, and a musical catharsis begins!

Lyrics by Scott Guy, Music by Nick DeGregorio, Orchestrations by Robert Watson

Produced by Matt Klein, Directed by Elise Dewsberry, Choreographed by Andrea Press

Cast: Kelley Yearout, Fleur Phillips, Sylvin Janson, Veronica Scheyving, Hillary Rollins, Paul Wong, Jeni Bartiromo, Erika Davis-Marsh, Juliette Dwyer, Nancy Owen

Camera crew: Matt Klein, John Rhea, Jeff Thompson, Eddie Galletti

The Customer is Always Right
Length: 5 minutes   Originally posted: 07/01/2008
ANMT’s first Guerilla Musical!  When an irate customer can’t get satisfaction from a store clerk, he turns to management for a little (musical) help.

CREDITS: Lyrics by Kellen Blair and music by Bill Johnson.

CAST: Stephen Vendette, Sylvin Janson, Veronica Scheyving, Andrea Press, David Holmes, Mary Morrissey, Heather Stewart, Christina Valo, and Jeannie Hudak. Directed by Elise Dewsberry.