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Whether you’re looking to create a commercial musical, a mold-breaking Fringe/Festival show, or you’re looking to branch out and find new collaborators and explore the craft of writing musical theatre, New Musicals Inc. has the right track for you.

The options vary wildly. Here’s a quick overview.

Commercial Pipeline. We’ve partnered with a pipeline of producers who are involved creatively from the very beginning, nurturing your show from idea through outline, early drafts, workshops, concert presentations, and initial production. By invitation only.

Hollywood Fringe Festival. NMI guarantees to produce your show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, provided it meets certain (budgetary) parameters and you make all the deadlines.

Core Curriculum. NMI’s famous 9-month program in which you get a new collaborator and assignment each month; culminates in a 15-minute musical which NMI presents in a theatre for a paying audience.

NMI’s Musical Theatre Writer’s Workshop. Monthly meetings in which you get to present selections from whatever you want. Open to members only.

Concert Reading. We provide rehearsal space, and feedback from at least two NMI staff members; you’re in control of the rest.

Table Reading. We provide rehearsal space, feedback from at least two NMI staff members, plus a cast of cold readers. You provide the music, either live or on tracks.

Alumni. Former General Members. Unlimited auditing; no presentations; but concert and table readings at the member rate.

Open the toggles below for more detailed descriptions of each track.


Commercial Pipeline

NMI has partnered with a pipeline of producers who are involved creatively from the very beginning, nurturing your show from idea through outline, early drafts, workshops, concert presentations, and initial production.

Here’s how it works.

Phase One - Pitch.  NMI works with producers to create ideas for musicals which interest them.  From a list of several dozen springboards, producers select their top choices of the most promising ones.  NMI then puts together collaborative writing teams to flesh out the springboard and then present 15-minutes to “pitch” to the producers.  The producers give feedback on the pitches, including which shows they believe are still promising.

Phase Two - Development.  For those shows that receive a greenlight, NMI commits a a full cycle of development: outline, rough draft, song-spotting, readings and concert presentations.

Phase Three - Production.   Provided writers meet all the deadlines, NMI will present showcases of these musicals at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and attempt to set up a rolling world premiere at multiple venues.


  • Spring 2018 — Discussions with producers; assembling pipelines.
  • Summer 2018 — Springboards; outlines
  • Fall 2018 - pitches to producers
  • November/Dec 2018 - outlining; swill drafts
  • January 2019 - second round of pitches
  • February 2019 - presentation of 30 minutes to producers
  • March 2019 - second round of presentations
  • April 2019 - Act One completed
  • September 2019 - Act Two completed
  • December 2019 - Second draft
  • March 2020 - Third draft
  • April 2020 - final production script; begin preparation of tracks or band charts
  • May 2020 - rehearsals
  • June 2020 - production at Fringe Festival
  • September 2020 - commercial productions; touring; movie deals, Tony noms, etc.

Fees.  Members pay $795 for each of two years.  Non-members: $1295 and by invitation only.  No refunds for shows which don’t receive a producer greenlight, but NMI will showcase each show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, provided all the deadlines are met along the way.

Authors’ Royalties.  Authors retain industry-standard royalties (6% of the gross revenue).  Authors must guarantee an additional 1% be added to their licensing agreements, payable to NMI.  This 1% maybe be added on top of Authors’ 6%, or may be included within it, as negotiated by the Authors.

Ownership.  NMI will control the underlying rights to the story of the musical until merge, at which point underlying rights will transfer to the Authors.

Showcase production.  NMI reserves the right to treat musicals in the commercial track inequally.  Some shows might receive full-length presentations; others might be presented in abridged versions; but all will receive at least a  minimum of excerpted showcase presentations.

Agreements.  Authors will be required to sign a Development Agreement prior to the initial pitch, binding them to the schedule of deadlines and the terms of collaboration with NMI.


Core Curriculum

NMI’s famous 9-month program in which you get a different collaborator and assignment each month.  The Core Curriculum meets one Saturday/Sunday a month and culminates in a 15-minute musical which NMI presents in a theatre for a paying audience.

You can join us live in Los Angeles, or link in to our live-feed streamcast.  About half of our writers participate long-distance from as far away as Australia, Spain, Costa Rica and Orange County.

Beginning every September, the Core Curriculum meets one weekend a month (2:30-6:30 Saturday, 2:30-7:30 on Sunday), and is the foundation for all of the writing courses at our NMI’s academy branch, the Academy for New Musical Theatre.  You’ll get monthly feedback on your writing, along with monthly masterclasses about the craft of writing for musical theatre.  Then, you’ll be put on a collaborative team of composers, lyricists and bookwriters, who work together over the next month on a variety of musical assignments ranging from comedy songs, duets, musical scenes, ensembles, ballads, and so on.

Your scenes and songs are then presented and given highly constructive feedback from staff and peers. Simultaneously, you’ll also take an online “lab” which focuses on your main area(s) of concentration, i.e.; composing, lyric writing, or book writing.

Your final collaboration is a 15 Minute Musical, which the Academy casts, directs, rehearses and produces for you. It’s a very intense and memorable experience during which you and your team will write an original show for five specific actors.  Over the course of eight very active weeks, you’ll write an outline and three drafts, receiving readings and feedback at every step of the way, before your final script/score is launched into production.  The annual 15 Minute Musicals are a much anticipated sold-out event, attended by curious audience members, as well as fellow bookwriters, lyricists, and composers anxious to seek out musical theatre writers who are new to the community.

Fees.  $1500

Application.  Auditions are in September.  You’ll present a collaborative work in October, and then we’ll mutually decide whether this curriculum is right for you.  Apply for an audition slot by visiting our CORE CURRICULUM page.


Concert Reading.

We provide music stands, a piano, rehearsal space (subject to availability), and a post-reading feedback from at least two NMI staff members.  You provide the rest:  actors, music director, director, stage manager, copies, publicity, etc.  $895 for members; non-members starts at $2500 (depending on the number of actors and the complexity of staging).

To discuss scheduling and budget, please email us at or call 818-506-8500.


New Opportunities which might interest you at New Musicals Inc.

Write an Internet Musical.  You write it, we’ll produce it.  We’ll guide you through the entire process of creating a musical to be shot in our new greenscreen studio, from selecting a topic which is appealing and shootable, through outline, rough draft, song-spotting, three drafts and preparation of tracks.  NMI will cast it, shoot it, edit it…and possibly market it (if it turns out great…and why wouldn’t it, right?).

This project comes in five distinct stages:  springboards, outline, drafts, tracks, and production.

Collaborators.  If you have a collaborative team already in place, that’s the best.  But if you don’t have a collaborator, occasionally we offer a structured online Internet Musical Theatre Workshop in which we’ll match you with someone and see whether there’s e‑kismet.

Parameters.  There are some parameters here, of course…Your musical needs to be a maximum of 15-minutes long and require no more than four actors.  You can have a couple locations, but not an unlimited number.  We can consider some basic special effects and animation, but we reserve the right in early going to veto an idea because it would be too difficult or expensive for NMI to produce.  Other considerations we’ll consider as we work together to find the right topic for your musical are production values, costume, prop and scenery design, but we’re ambitious and creative and eager to push our limits.

Tracks.  You’ll need to supply a track suitable for a final cut.  It doesn’t have to be a 90-piece orchestral masterwork…simple instrumentation is fine if that makes sense for your musical.

Cost.  $1200 for members; $1500 for non-members.  (Nearly all the money goes for crew, editors and food for the actors).

Application.  Contact us at or 818-506-8500.


Hollywood Fringe Festival

NMI guarantees to produce your show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, provided it meets certain (budgetary) parameters and you make all the deadlines.  This is a 9-month regimen of pitch, outline, rough draft, song-spotting and three drafts, in workshops at New Musicals Inc.

We’re not looking for you to submit finished musicals which we then produce for you…we’re looking to collaborate with you.

Rigorous schedule.  Your Fringe show begins nine months before opening night.  You work out ideas and outline during the summer, bring in your first excerpts in the fall in time to create a first draft for workshopping by mid-November.  Second drafts are due for January workshops, and final drafts are due in April.

Parameters.  Because of the limitations of the Fringe Festival, we need to put some parameters on your physical show (props, costumes, lights, projection and sound which require little set-up; no scenery; no longer than 19 minutes).  Other than that, however, there are no limitations creatively…your show can be traditional or edgy, comfortable or controversial, funny or tragic, etc.

Production expenses.  NMI pays for base expenses associated with the Fringe production:  actors, director, music director, crew, rehearsal space, basic cube-style stage furniture, marketing, theatre rental.  You as author provide script/score copies, props, costumes.

Royalties and Ownership.  Authors retain copyright throughout.  NMI pays Authors’ Royalties in the amount of 6%, plus one complimentary ticket for each performance per author.

Festival Expectations.  NMI is a community of writers, supporting each others’ work.  You will be required to help out on a minimum of two 2‑hour shifts on an NMI Fringe production (presumably but not necessarily separate from your own).  You’ll also be expected to join in with marketing through social media posts and chatter.

Monthly presentations.  NMI schedules monthly workshops for Fringe projects; you’ll be given an ample presentation slot during these times, and we’ll encourage you to attend the entire workshop, as you watch the other Fringe shows develop alongside of yours.  We won’t be able to accommodate separate scheduling for each of the Fringe musicals, but if we fill up all the scheduled monthly slots, we’ll schedule additional ones.

Fees.  $795 for NMI members.  Non-members:  $1295, and by invitation.

Agreement.  You’ll be required to sign a friendly participation agreement prior to your first presentation…it just spells our mutual obligations, and guarantees your copyright and royalties.

Deadline:  The deadline to apply for a Fringe musical is August 15th, but we encourage applying by July 1st, so you can use some summer months brainstorming and outlining.


NMI’s Musical Theatre Writer’s Workshop.

Monthly meetings in which you get to present selections from whatever you want.  By invitation only (usually to alumni of the Core Curriculum).  Cost to members is $500/year.  Non-members $1800.


Table Reading

We provide music stands, a piano, actors who will cold-read your script (no rehearsal), and feedback from at least two NMI staff members.  You provide the music, either live or on tracks.  $395 for members; non-members starts at $1500.

To discuss scheduling and budget, please email us at or call 818-506-8500.


Pitch Boot Camp

Instructor: Scott Guy

SIX 30 to 60 minute online sessions - scheduled around YOUR schedule

You’ve written a great musical….now what?  How do you get producers to give your musical a look?  What do you need before you’re ready to approach producers and theatres?

This six-session Boot Camp is designed to get you up and running in about a month and a half.  (One session a week.)  You can complete the Boot Camp faster if you like…but not slower.  You can start any time you like, but once you do start, there’s no procrastinating.  New Musicals Inc.’s Executive Director Scott Guy will put your feet to the fire as you complete and polish the following, all of which you’ll want:

One-sentence elevator pitch
One-minute pique pitch
Five-minute hook pitch
100 word synopsis
half-page synopsis
Wall-street paragraph pitch
song-synopsis (“record jacket”)
demographic description
query letter
authors’ bio

You’ll also get all the knowledge and materials you need to prepare:

a successful demo (how many songs? how well produced?)
website to present your musical
legal protection/copyright
a targeted list of producers and theatres to approach
secondary targets:  festivals, workshops, contests
a timetable of your next steps

Here’s how it will work:

Session One:  Planning Ahead
This session is all online.  A pre-taped lecture, introducing you to the syllabus, the worksheets, and a list of things to do/write before your next session.

Session Two:  Taking Stock
A one-on-one session with Scott (one hour via teleconference), going over your preliminary pitches and half-page synopsis.  Discussion about demographic and spin.  Goals and timetable for demo, website, launch of pitch campaign.

Session Three:  Polishing Materials
Teleconference (half hour) with Scott, discussing your 100-word synopsis, Wall Street synopsis, elevator pitch.  Review/reiterate your theme and demographic.

Session Four:  Practice Pitch
Pitch to Scott.  Tips, tricks, feedback.  The query letter.  Half-hour teleconference.

Session Five:  Marketing Campaign
One hour teleconference with Scott, reviewing timetable and targeted producers/theatres.  Realistic goals and next steps.  Final practice pitch.

Session Six:  Follow-Up
2-3 months after you’ve launched your campaign, you’ll have a follow-up half-hour teleconference with Scott to determine what’s working and what’s not; how are producers responding to you and your musical…what steps of your campaign warrant revising?

Fee.  $595; includes all six sessions, five teleconferences, handouts, worksheets and pre-taped lectures.

Fee Schedule Non-members Members
Commercial pipeline $1295 $795 (for each of 2 yrs)
Hollywood Fringe Festival $1295 $795
Core Curriculum $1500 $1100
Writers’ Workshop invitation only $500
Concert Reading starts at $2500 per project $895 per project
Table Reading starts at $595 per project $395 per project
Alumni $100

We can’t even cover everything we offer on this page -so please check out other exciting opportunities on our website:


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