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Use the link above to generate the View of the Weekly Email, and then use REVEAL SOURCE to copy the code and put it in your clipboard (starting with START and ending with END).

Then, use the link below to go to Mail Chimp where you will need to do the following:

  1.  Login to MailChimp (userame nmi@nmi.org   password 2Broadway!  )
  2. Click on CAMPAIGNS
  3. Make sure the “Current audience” drop-down is set to “All audiences”
  4. In the list of recent campaigns, find the most recent one for a Weekly Email (do NOT pick the one that says “STAFF”)
  5. On the right-hand side next to that email, where it says “View Report”, click the drop-down arrow and click “Replicate”
  6. Click “Edit Name” and update the title of the email for the current week (and click SAVE)
  7. Click “Edit Subject” to update the preview/subject line that will go out with the email (and click SAVE)
  8. Click “Edit Design”, then “Code Your Own”, and then “Paste in Code”
  9. On the right-hand side, replace ALL of the content with contents of the clipboard from the first instruction on this page
  10. Scroll to the top of the code, and add the correct date for the week (NOTE: you cannot edit this in the VIEW on the left - only in the code on the right)
  11. NOTE that there have been some glitches with the translation from the NMI website to MailChimp - so the formatting of the paragraphs maybe off. Find the paragraph markings in the HTML side and add BRs as needed to get the formatting to look right on the left-hand side of the page. Also check the bottom of the email to make sure that any upcoming curriculum and events are noted properly - delete them if not needed.
  12. After making sure everything looks good in the preview on the right-hand side, SAVE your changes.
  13. On the top left, click the NEXT button, and then click SEND and then “SEND NOW” to send the Weekly Email.
  14. After the email is sent, repeat the steps to “Replicate” an email from the recently sent email (you may have to wait a few minutes while the initial email goes out.) RENAME the new email to add STAFF to the title; and then click EDIT RECIPIENTS and click the “Segment or Tag” drop-down to choose “Staff for Newsletter” - then SAVE and SEND that Staff copy of the email. (double-check occasionally to make sure the “Staff” list is up-to-date)




Below is a list of all current Weekly Email Items. Click on the EDIT WEEKLY EMAIL ITEM link to edit the details for the item.


NMI is all over the Hollywood Fringe Festival! May 2, 2022 500
2022: A WHOLE NEW WORLD – a conference on the BIZ of the Musical Theatre BIZ April 5, 2022 200
MONDAY NIGHT READINGS January 19, 2022 12
NEW MUSICALS ONLINE! June 30, 2021 10
HOW TO GET NO FEEDBACK FROM ELISE – new vlog post June 1, 2021 2
Your News Item HERE September 5, 2015 0
Two NMI Alums bring a Lovecraft Musical to Hollywood May 2, 2022 0
Stilettos and Steel at the Hollywood Fringe Festival May 15, 2022 0
A Reading of A TINY LITTLE SKY May 15, 2022 0