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NMI is all over the Hollywood Fringe Festival!

NMI is very well represented at the Hollywood Fringe Festival next month! Check out the listings in the Member section below for NMI Member productions of Stilettos and Steel (Isabel Storey and Leslie Sloan) and A Dream at the End of Time (Thomas Barrett Blakeley and Duncan Smith) - and check out the two shows that NMI is producing below:

THE BENEFIT OF HINDSIGHT is a two-person full-length one-act musical which tells the story of Lizzie and Sammy. Lizzie gets a visit from a version of herself from the future, determined to make sure she does not make the mistake of marrying her loser fiancé. The Liz from the future breaks off the engagement, which causes Sammy to become a bitter but highly successful screenwriter. Sammy’s success causes a second version of Lizzie to visit from the future in order to try to keep the couple together. The time-rifts start overlapping, and at one point in the show, Lizzie’s body is being fought over by no less than four versions at once. As much fun as the simultaneous Lizzies are, the heart of the show is the relationship between Lizzy and Sammy. Sammy never gets over the betrayal of the original breakup, and it haunts every version of their future together. Written by NMI members Wayne Self (book and lyrics) and Scott Wilkinson (music) and featuring Megan Rees and Christopher Robert Smith, “The Benefit of Hindsight” won the 2020 Search for New Musicals. With a cast of two, a simple set; pre-made tracks or live band, it’s a lovely evening which examines the nature of roads not taken. The Broadwater Black Box (6322 Santa Monica Blvd.) - 90 minutes.  Preview: June 7 at 8pm  ($10). Performances ($15): June 10 at 9:30pm / June 17 at 8:30pm / June 18 at 12:30 pm  TICKETS NOW ON SALE

SO PROUDLY WE HAILED.  Based on the inspiring webseries available through New Musicals Inc., this live stage show is a collection of short musicals about veterans, in their own words. Each evening will be different – with four different veteran stories featured each evening. June 17 at 6:30pm and June 25 at 4:30pm (90 minutes; $15). TICKETS NOW ON SALE

2022: A WHOLE NEW WORLD – a conference on the BIZ of the Musical Theatre BIZ

2022: A WHOLE NEW WORLD – a conference on the BIZ of the Musical Theatre BIZ

July 22-24 PLUS Pitch Weekend July 30-31


Musicals and Audiences are Changing. Get Ready.

The emerging post-pandemic world is going to be VERY different for the world of musical theatre. During the weekend of July 22-24, 2022, New Musicals Inc is hosting a national conference to discuss how writers and producers of musical theatre need to act now in order to prepare for the demands of the future.

“Masks. Pronouns. Diversity. Metaverse!” muses Elise Dewsberry, referring to just a few of the items on the conference’s agenda.

Writers and producers from the entire globe will be participating virtually in a combination of panels, lectures, informal chats, and networking. After spending the weekend learning about what producers are looking for; registered writing teams can get the opportunity to pitch directly to panels of Industry Professionals during the weekend of July 30/31.

Panels will include: “How Lockdown Changed Musical Theatre (Forever?)”; “New Opportunities for Your Musical”; “The Future of Producing”; and the very timely “Writing For Inclusive Stories and Characters”.

A dazzling array of panelists are already lined up to enjoin in the discussions, including:

• Margot Astrachan (Owner, Margot Astrachan Production)
• Joe Barros (Artistic Director, New York Theatre Barn)
• Joey Monda (Partner, Sing Out Louise Productions)
• Michael R. Blaha (Entertainment Attorney)
• Gordon P. Firemark (Entertainment Attorney)
• Michael Cassara (Owner, Michael Cassara Casting)
• David Kurs (Artistic Director, Deaf West Theatre)
• Kalani Queypo (Actor, Filmmaker, Writer)
• Philip Seward (Composer, Creator of NMI’s MUSIC LAB)
• Michael Shepperd (Director/Actor)
• Socks Whitmore (Performer/Composer/Storyteller)
• Joshua Katzker (PiTCH Coordinator/Artistic Associate, The Rev Theatre Company)
• Christopher Sepulveda (Producer, Apples and Oranges Arts)
• Brian Graden (Producer, Brian Graden Media)
• Cody Lassen (Producer, Cody Lassen and Associates)
• Kent Nicholson (Director of Acquisitions and New Works, Broadway Licensing)
• Paige Price (Independent Producer)

And with more panelists to come!

“The Conference will be packed with timely, vital information, straight from the producers and writers creating musicals right now,” says NMI’s Executive Producer, Scott Guy. “What are the opportunities for writers, and how has the landscape changed? We’re excited that we’ll all be discovering this together.”

Pitch opportunities will happen the weekend after the conference. All participants who register for the Full Conference Plus Pitch Panels will be scheduled for at least TWO pitch sessions during the weekend of July 30/31. Each Pitch session will be virtually attended by a variety of industry professionals from across the country.

Participants who register for the Full Conference or the Saturday Only or Sunday Only options will be coached through the process of setting up their musical on its own webpage on NMI’s site, which will be shared with the same industry guests who are on the pitch panels.

Writers can participate virtually from anywhere in the world. Information and registration can be found at: CONFERENCE AGENDA


Upcoming readings of new musicals at NMI for the 2021-22 season will take place:

Saturday, May 21 at 7:30pm
A TINY LITTLE SKY by Anton Chesnokov
JOIN US LIVE at NMI (5628 Vineland Avenue) OR for the Live Stream at:

Monday, May 23 at 7:30pm
PICKPOCKET by Sandy Kasten and Billy Wolfe
JOIN US LIVE at NMI (5628 Vineland Avenue) OR for the Live Stream at:


Join us this week for this another episode from The Potato Face Blind Man as he sings about a man-gone-wrong, tempted by the evils of drink, women, and Chicago.

It’s a strange but exciting time at New Musicals Inc, as we explore the short-form online musical. Please visit us online for a new musical experiment every week. Free.

Link: http://nmi.org/online


Announcing the 56th post in the video blog from NMI Artistic Director Elise Dewsberry - How to Get NO Feedback from Elise. The seventh in a short series of excerpts from the NMI Core Curriculum Launch Lectures for the 2021-22 season: Adaptation.

To see more from this series, subscribe to the vlog at https://nmi.org/nmi-resources/elises-video-blog/

Link: http://nmi.org/nmi-resources/elises-video-blog/

--The NMI Staff

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Stilettos and Steel at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

STILETTOS AND STEEL, a new rock musical, will make its debut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The show is written by NMI members Isabel Storey (book) and Leslie Sloan (lyrics) with music composed by Andrew Vodov. This musical is based on the true story of a rebellious teenage girl teenage girl who ran away to the Tenderloin district of San Francisco in the 1960s. After struggling with her sexual identity, young Jesse eventually flourished as a cross-dressing “butch” in the era’s butch/femme subculture – and rose to become the top pimp and gangster of the TL. But at the height of her success, she was torn between the band of young runaways who relied on her for protection, and the woman who had become the love of her life.

Directed by Catie O’Donnell * Music Director – Ron Barnett

Hudson Backstage Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd., LA 90038. June 4 @ 8:30pm (preview); June 12 @ 6:30pm; June 19 @ 6:30pm. Discount for NMI members: $5 off with Discount Code SSNMI - June 4; Discount Code SSNMI2 - June 12 & 19 (discounts only available while supplies last).

Link: https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/7434

Email the Member posting this item: Isabel Storey


NMI Member Anton Chesknokov invites you to a reading of his new musical at NMI this coming Saturday, May 21st, at 7:00pm PST. About the show: The musical is called “A Tiny Little Sky” and follows the unknown story of Vincent Van Gogh in his early years. The story is based on Vincent’s letters to his brother Theo and explores the youth of Vincent Van Gogh and his thorny path from a religious Protestant preacher to an artist.

More info about the project: atinylittlesky.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/anton-chesnokov-345656824
Lyric video: https://youtu.be/J_E8gtOIZgE

Join us in person at NMI, or via Livestreaming at the link below.

Link: https://youtu.be/1ofM5BDAu_o

Email the Member posting this item: Isabel Storey

Two NMI Alums bring a Lovecraft Musical to Hollywood

As a member of New Musicals Incorporated, you can use the discount code at the bottom to get $5 off your ticket.

After being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, NMI alumni Duncan Smith and Thomas Barrett Blakeley are re-mounting their one-act fantasy musical at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

A Dream at the End of Time is a musical adaptation of “The Quest of Iranon” by H.P. Lovecraft. In it, an immortal bard on a quest for a mythical kingdom of art crosses paths with a youth who has never heard music before. Moved by his songs, they leave on a quest together, but as they get closer to their destination, it becomes clear that the bard isn’t who he seems.

Book and Lyrics by Thomas Barrett Blakeley. Music by Duncan Smith.

Performing in the Hollywood Fringe Festival on June 4th at 4:30pm, June 19th at 7:30pm, and June 25th at 3pm. Tickets are $15. The McCadden Theatre is located at 1157 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA, 90038.

You can purchase a ticket here: https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/7485?tab=tickets

And use the code “NMIalum” during checkout

Link: https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/7485?tab=tickets

Email the Member posting this item: Thomas Blakeley

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Did you know that you can enter your own Member News item?  Just click the button at the bottom of your Member Account Home Page, and then enter the headline, text, and start and end dates (the date you want your item to begin showing up and the date you want it to stop); and a link for more info if applicable - and you’re done!  Let us know what you’re up to …

Email the Member posting this item: Elise Dewsberry



  • The Kleban Prize in Musical Theatre (May 19)
  • Charles M. Getchell New Play Contest (June 1)
  • Charles M. Getchell Award, SETC (June 1)
  • Cintas Fellowship (June 1)
  • Chris Austin Songwriting Contest (June 15)
  • Cherry Lane Theatre Mentor Project (June 15)
  • Writer’s Digest Writing Competition (June 22)
  • Fred Ebb Award (June 30)
  • Playground (June 30)
  • Long Beach Playhouse New Works Festival (June 30)

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Mon, May 23 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm