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Glamour & Grit

Book/Lyrics by Ariana Johns, Music by Darryl Curry

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” - Albert Einstein
In a lush forest filled with magical creatures, 17-year-old Deanna Pearson is about to become enchanted. With a dandelion faerie for a mother and an environmental scientist for a father, Deanna is taken on a colorful journey where she meets a misnamed Troll who lost his family, some dancing cheeky Tikis who live in a Virtual Reality Castle, the formidable centuries-old faerie queen Merlynda, and the diabolical Malix, a non-binary tech-wiz. Told in the form of a fairy tale, 'Glamour and Grit' is a multi-media musical about inviting magic into one's life, balancing modern technology with Nature and Spirit, and finding one's family in whatever form they take. It’s about acceptance and redemption, and saving our Blue Planet. [For audiences of pre-teens to adults.]
Link to score: https://soundcloud.com/kittybites-1/sets/glamour-and-grit/s-M8A1Q

In November 2019, we presented a staged reading hosted by the Dramatists Guild Foundation as a part of the International Climate Change Theatre Action Festival. In Spring 2021, we were selected as semi-finalists for the Eugene O'Neill National Musical Theatre Conference, and Glamour & Grit was also selected for the developmental intensive THEatre Accelerator by Apples & Oranges Productions in Spring 2020.
We are seeking further development leading to production, in particular going beyond the written word and realizing the musical on stage, incorporating technical elements such as the use of puppetry, projections and stage magic.

ARIANA JOHNS works professionally as an actor/writer/lyricist/producer. Current: a book of stories, ‘Where are you, Portable Stranger?’ about growing up in/as a family of artists in Greenwich Village; Eric Ransom’s Dead Playwright’s Society (free readings of Shakespeare); the cabaret, VANGARI: Cautionary Tales. In 2018, Ariana was selected by the Dramatists Guild Foundation as one of 3 playwrights presented at the Women's Voices Theatre Festival. She performed her solo show, ‘Vampingo…a comedy with bite’ at the NY International Fringe Festival, and was Playwright in Residence at the Woodstock Fringe Festival. Member: Dramatists Guild; AEA; SAG/AFTRA; The Secret City; Off B'way Alliance; Musical Theatre Factory, E.A.G., ASCAP. DARRYL CURRY is a member of the Dramatists Guild, the Episcopal Actors Guild, Director of Music at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church, musical director and performance coach in NYC. Selected: Music for the 20th Anniversary Off-B’way production of The Elephant Man; The 46th Street Mass, commissioned by St. Clement’s; the sung ballet My Shadow, commissioned by the Staten Island Ballet. In 2014, Snowlion Rep in Portland, ME produced Darryl’s The Elephant Piece, and in 2019 Mesmerized (book by Al D’Andrea; lyrics by MK Wolfe). Staged readings: Dorian Gray (Heliotrope Group NY, Contempopera of Cleveland, OH); George Q (book/lyrics by MK Wolfe), at St.Clements in NY. Together, Darryl and Ariana wrote the musical, BUZZ, Son of a Bee...an actor’s life for me (book by Andrew Johns) winning the 2014 Golden Fleece Ltd. Award for Music Theatre in Progress, and the short musical, ‘Illyrium Delirium’.