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Inspirato Festival

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Deadline: January 16, 2022
Submission Length: Short
Award(s) Offered: Festival
Special Interests: ten minute
Accepts Submissions of: Plays / Young Audience material / Edgy material /
Does NOT Accept Submissions of: Musicals / Radio/Film/TV material /

Website: http://www.theatreinspirato.ca/apply


36 ten-minute plays with 100% of the ticket sales going to the artist. Full creative controlling addressing the theme: Leap.

Comments from NMI Staff:

The 2020 inspiraTO Unhinged Lottery is open to any Canadian citizen or permanent resident, 18 years of age or older, and is able to attend all the key dates in person.

Check back after COVID.-Jan 2021

CONTACT NAME: Dominik Loncar
CONTACT EMAIL: inspirato@ca.inter.net
        Inspirato Festival
        Dominik Loncar
        124 Broadway Ave., Suite 112
        Toronto, ON M4P 1V8  Canada
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