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Native Arts Program Visiting Artist Appointments

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Deadline: January 15, 2022
Award(s) Offered: Cash
Special Interests: Native American, translation

Website: http://nmai.si.edu/connect/artist-leadership-program/


Individuals selected for the Artist Leadership Program for Individual Artists will travel to Washington, D.C., to:

Conduct research in the collections of the NMAI, SI, and other local museums.
Meet with NMAI/SI staff; conduct presentations for NMAI staff and the museum public.
Visit area museums and galleries.
Selected artists will receive assistance to make appointments for training and museum research visits. ALP participants who request online research appointments from the National Museum of Natural History, National Anthropological Archives, and non-Smithsonian collections will be expected to follow through. While in Washington, D.C., artists will also be provided professional training services that may include developing PowerPoint presentations, web portfolios, video oversight and direction, marketing and career strategies, and business and leadership skills.

Participants in the Artist Leadership Program for Individual Artists will also be able to meet with staff and consultants taking part in the Artist Leadership Program for Museums and Cultural Arts Organizations.

Comments from NMI Staff:

Website lists a 2015 deadline; possibly this program has been discontinued. Page discontinued as of 2019.

CONTACT NAME: Molly McCracken
CONTACT EMAIL: nap@si.edu
        Native Arts Program Visiting Artist Appointments
        Molly McCracken
        National Museum of the American Indian
        4220 Silver Hill Rd.
        Suitland, MD 20746
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