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Ted Arison Family Foundation USA

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Deadline: January 31, 2022

Website: http://www.arisonfoundation.com/en/content/grants


The Ted Arison Family Foundation was established out of the Arison family’s inner edict of giving back to society, and commitment to improving the human surroundings.

In grants, this is accomplished through an annual call to submit grant requests during the month of January, inviting organizations and nonprofits to apply for a grant. These requests are reviewed by the foundation’s grant committee that convenes once a year to discuss and decide on the grants to be made.

Comments from NMI Staff:

The Foundation’s worldview is rooted in three Jewish values: charity, acts of loving kindness, and Tikkun olan (transformation of the world). The Foundation believes in acting as a role model, creating a better human environment based on fundamental human values, investing in improving the quality of life, and developing public infrastructures and programs based on the commitment to excellence. The Foundation contributes to various projects and to hundreds of nonprofits that operate in seven key spheres: health; education; children and youth; culture; arts and sports; populations in distress; disabilities; and scholarships and research.

Submission Materials: see website
Submission Fee: No
Agent Only: No

CONTACT NAME: Madelon Rosenberg
CONTACT PHONE: (305) 891-0017
        Ted Arison Family Foundation USA
        Madelon Rosenberg
        10800 Biscayne Blvd.
        Room 950
        Miami, FL 33161
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