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Musical Theatre Analysis with John Sparks

Musical Theatre Analysis with John Sparks


Thu, Aug 22

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Front Studio

5628 Vineland Avenue

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Instructor: John Sparks

Four sessions from 7pm to 10pm

Monday, August 12
Thursday, August 15
Monday, August 19
Thursday, August 22

Course Fee: $50 (maximum enrollment 10 persons) 

100 years of Musical Theatre from Showboat to Hadestown, one show from each quarter century beginning with Showboat.  We will analyze them for their use of the crafts of bookwriting, composition and lyric writing using our standard measuring sticks from the core curriculum to see how the craft is weathering the test of time - what has changed, what has survived and where it might all be going.  We will read the librettos and listen to the scores as we examine the shows in detail.