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PITCH Boot Camp

PITCH Boot Camp


Tue, Jun 1

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


New Musicals Inc.

5628 Vineland Avenue

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Instructor: Scott Guy

FOUR 30 to 60 minute online sessions - scheduled around YOUR schedule

Course Fee: $595 (OR save $100 if also registering for the BIZ OF THE BIZ Conference)

You’ve written a great musical….now what? How do you get producers to give your musical a look? What do you need before you’re ready to approach producers and theatres?

This four-session Boot Camp is designed to get you up and running in about a month. (One session a week.) You can complete the Boot Camp faster if you like…but not slower. You can start any time you like, but once you do start, there’s no procrastinating. New Musicals Inc.’s Executive Director Scott Guy will put your feet to the fire as you complete and polish the following, all of which you’ll want:

One-sentence elevator pitch
One-minute pique pitch
Five-minute hook pitch
100 word synopsis
half-page synopsis
Madison Avenue paragraph pitch
song-synopsis (“record jacket”)
demographic description
query letter
authors’ bio

You’ll also get all the knowledge and materials you need to prepare:

a successful demo (how many songs? how well produced?)
website to present your musical
legal protection/copyright
a targeted list of producers and theatres to approach
secondary targets: festivals, workshops, contests
a timetable of your next steps

Here’s how it will work:

Before the Boot Camp
This session is all online. A pre-taped lecture, introducing you to the syllabus, the worksheets, and a list of things to do/write before your next session.

Session One: Taking Stock
A one-on-one session with Scott (one hour via teleconference), going over your preliminary pitches and half-page synopsis. Discussion about demographic and spin. Goals and timetable for demo, website, launch of pitch campaign.

Session Two: Polishing Materials
Teleconference (half hour) with Scott, discussing your 100-word synopsis, Madison Avenue synopsis, elevator pitch. Review/reiterate your theme and demographic.

Session Three: Practice Pitch
Pitch to Scott. Tips, tricks, feedback. The query letter. Half-hour teleconference.

Session Four: Marketing Campaign
One hour teleconference with Scott, reviewing timetable and targeted producers/theatres. Realistic goals and next steps. Final practice pitch.

$595; includes all six sessions, five teleconferences, handouts, worksheets and pre-taped lectures.



Bookings are closed for this event.