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LOOKING FOR A JOB: Outline Deadline


Tue, Feb 8

11:30 am - 12:30 pm


ZOOM Video Conference

5628 Vineland Avenue

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Looking for a Job
We're in present day Detroit, Michigan. Satan and God resume their age-old argument: Satan
has heaped such horror upon modern man, he bets that Job will turn his back on God any second
now. Satan heaps test after test upon Job. Casting makes this musical question our assumptions.
In Scene One, Satan is a white guy, God is an Asian woman, and Job is a black guy. In Scene
Two, however, the cast switches roles: Satan is an Asian woman, God is a black guy, Job is a
white guy. In Scene three, Satan is a black guy, God is a white guy, and Job is an Asian woman.
(How do we, in the audience, change our perceptions of these figures, when their sex/race