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Featured Video: 2017 New Voices Project Concert

The featured video release this week is NMI”s 2017 NEW VOICES PROJECT CONCERT featuring selections from new works by Marina Toft, David Lancelle, Amanda D’Archangelis, Anderson Cook, Jackson Teeley, Jonathan Horn, Luke Davidson, Ariel Mitchell, Edison Hong, Eliot Rhys, Oscar Jacques, Jude Obermuller, David Gomez, and Oliver Houser. Ron Barnett at the piano. Starring Conchita Belisle Newman, Allie Costa, Elise Dewsberry, Jordan Goodsell, Scott Guy, David Holmes, Todd Honeycutt, Gia Mora, Lia Peros, and Lindsay Zana. Friday, July 28, 2017, 7pm, at New Musicals Inc. in North Hollywood.  We’ve also begun to release interviews with some of those writers - starting this week with Jackson Teeley, and the team of Eliot Rhys and Oscar Jacques.  Check it out at http://nmi.org/the-front-row/