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general audition info

NMI is casting for a bunch of stuff!

NMI is now casting for several upcoming projects, including our annual 15 Minute Musicals; a world premiere of a new musical at the Hollywood Fringe Festival; a staged reading of the winner of our SEARCH FOR NEW MUSICALS, and roles in various shoots for new short internet musicals and webseries. Information on how to sign up for our upcoming General Auditions can be found below.

If you are not able to attend the auditions in person, but are interested in our projects, please go ahead and submit for an appointment and make the choice of “ONLINE” for your audition time. You will then have the opportunity to submit samples of your work online.

PLEASE NOTE that NMI welcomes both union and non-union performers to VOLUNTEER with us.
To understand more about what that means for your involvement with NMI,

These tabs will let you know what projects are currently being cast, and give you an idea of the details/schedules/reimbursements available. If you sign up for a General Audition - please REVIEW these projects (by clicking on the Tab heading) and be prepared to indicate your interest/conflicts for each one. Feel free to cut-and-paste a copy of each schedule and bring it with you to your audition with your interest, conflicts already filled in. Thanks!

Every year, the musical theatre writers who are in their first year with NMI are given an assignment to write a brand new fifteen minute musical. These musicals go through three drafts of rigorous development, and are then produced at a Los Angeles Theatre.

This year, there will be seven new 15 minute musicals, and they will be presented as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June. The musicals will be split into two groups - the RED PROGRAM (with four musicals) and the BLUE PROGRAM (with three musicals). Each program will have its own director, music director, stage manager, and cast.

CAST BREAKDOWN: Each Program will be cast with four performers who are versatile enough to perform in all of the short musicals in the Program.

The performers for the 15 Minute Musicals are volunteers, but are able to be reimbursed for expenses up to $200 per person. All rehearsals and the previews are at NMI (5628 Vineland Avenue); tech and performances are at the Broadwater Second Stage (6320 Santa Monica Blvd.). The complete schedule for each Program is listed below.


NMI will be producing the world premiere of the new musical MANSON’S GIRLS as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. All performers will be volunteers. There is some nudity (for specific roles). All rehearsals will take place at NMI (5628 Vineland Avenue); previews and performances will take place at the Broadwater Mainstage (). NOTE: The rehearsal schedule has not been finalized. We will not be using ALL the dates listed below - but will be working around schedules within this timeframe. The preview and performance dates, however, are definite.

Linda Kasabian, 19, wide-eyed, innocent, gullible, pop soprano
Zephyr, 20, gregarious, ambitious, slightly paranoid, mezzo
Sadie Mae, 22, strong, territorial, alpha female, soprano belt
Big Patty, 23, brooding, built like a wrestler, fierce, impenetrable, alto belt
Marioche, 29, aloof, beatnik, intellectual, protecting, secretive, mezzo
Squeaky, 21, over-eager, high-strung, desperate, vulnerable, soprano
Sharon Tate, 26, stunning blonde film star, alternately warm and cold, soprano
Tex, 20-30, blue-collar, a little masochistic, short-temper, physical, tenor
Bobby, 20-30, quiet, a little scary, not very bright, baritone
Charles Manson, 30-35, guy-next-door, Michael J. Fox, caring, charismatic, rock tenor

NMI will be producing a concert reading of the musical BRAVO in conjunction with the BIZ of the MUSICAL THEATRE BIZ Conference. All performers will be volunteers. All rehearsals and the performance will take place at NMI (5628 Vineland Avenue). NOTE: The rehearsal schedule has not been finalized. We will not be using ALL the dates listed below - but will be working around schedules within this timeframe. The presentation date, however, is definite.

FRANCO - M. 21-24. (Range: Bari-Tenor) A young Italian man who puts Jews into hiding during the war. Passionate, loud, protective, and a dreamer.
PETER - M. 21-24. (Range: Tenor) A German Jew who escaped Germany for refuge. Nervous, restrained, a realist, and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after the horrors he saw in the height of the Holocaust.
RENZO - M. 14- 16. (Range: Bari-Tenor) An adolescent junior Fascist Army soldier. While he is bigoted, aggressive, and heavily guarded on the surface, Renzo is deeply conflicted with the hate he’s being taught and finding his compassion for the human beings he’s been told to hate.
BIANCA - F. 13-15. (Range: Alto) A teenage Italian Jewish orphan living on and the below the streets. Born with a crippled leg that she wears a makeshift brace on. Tough and rough around the edges, Bianca believes that people are good at their core.
CAPRICE - F. 13-15. (Range: Mezzo/Alto) A pretty and unrelenting Italian teenager yearning to fight alongside the resistance instead of being in hiding. Abandoning her childhood dreams of being a movie star, she is fiery, cynical, and definite on what is wrong and right.
EMILIO - M. 13-15. (Range: Tenor) Caprice’s twin brother. Earnest, hopeful, and naive. He is most passionate about making the puppets to pass the time in hiding.
JULIETTA - F. 13-15. (Range: Soprano) A young Italian Jew. Skittish, fearful, and innocent.
ENSEMBLE: 3-4 men and 3-4 women to play the puppeters and all other characters

NMI is planning to produce a series of short musicals and web-series for the internet. Projects and shooting schedules are not yet set, but we are looking for singing performers interested in creating internet musicals with us!

The annual auditions for 2018 are closed. Check back in early 2019 for next year’s auditions.


Prior to your audition, make sure you update your resume information by clicking the UPDATE YOUR PROFILE INFO button on your NMI Account Home Page, and then scrolling down to the PERFORMER INFO section of the profile page.  You can choose to make your resume info public by signing up for the Talent Bank, but you do NOT need to do to take part in an NMI General Audition.  However, you should definitely fill out your profile info for our records, whether you are signing up for the Talent Bank or not.

At the audition, you will be asked to present 16 bars from two contrasting songs, and one 1 minute contemporary monologue.

Please bring at least one picture and resume for the staff to review - but also know that all of the participants will have access to your resume information on line. NOTE that no one will have access to your personal contact information, but they will be able to contact you through your NMI account.

If you find you are unable to attend your assigned slot, PLEASE RETURN TO YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE AND CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT.