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Length: 11:54 

New Musicals Inc. produced twelve musicals at Hollywood Fringe this year. Short musicals, some are goofy, some serious, and some are for mature audiences only. “Curses” is a charming cautionary tale about a woman from the neighboring shtetl with the uncanny ability to have her curses come true. https://nmi.org/fringe-festival-2017/


Book & Lyrics by Harriet Belkin
Music by Sandy Shanin
Based on a short story by Norman Belkin

Fanatic/Kvetch — Toni-Lynn Chaco
Gittel — Kelly Coughlin
Shoime — Patrick Geringer
Doctor/Bigot — Tedd Szeto
Herschel — Orlando Perez
Miriam/Gossip — Lia Peros

Director — Elise Dewsberry
Music Director — Emily Cohn
Stage Manager — Morgan Aiken
Cellist — Cameron Stone