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Dames, Dicks, & Butterknives

Dames, Dicks, & Butterknives
Length: 19:28 

New Musicals Inc. produced twelve musicals at Hollywood Fringe this year. Short musicals, some are goofy, some serious, and some are downright filthy. “Dames, Dicks and Butterknives” is a spoof of noir musicals. https://nmi.org/fringe-festival-2017/

Book by Bryon Richards

Music and Lyrics by Clifford J. Tasner

Bekka - Chelsea Pope

Jack - Luke Klipp

Mookie - Jaq Galliano

Marcus - Kerr Seth Lordygan

Alessandra - Lauryn Michelle Downey

Jimmy the Butter Knife - Graydon Schlichter

Director/Choreographer - Allison Bibicoff

Music Director - Jan Roper

Stage Manager- - Jerry A. Blackburn

Fight Choreography - Andrew Joseph Perez