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“NOSE” — from “The Devil’s Dictionary

“NOSE” — from “The Devil’s Dictionary
Length: 1:42 

Join us in a revisitation of Lucy Virginia French’s famous poem, “Miserere of the Pines.” Mrs. French finds echoes of both songs of jubilation and funereal anthems in the “stately, solemn, swelling miserere of the Pines.” In the words of one of Mrs. French’s critics of the time: “[You will] find [y]ourself floating away on a tide of rippling rhyme— forgetful of all but the delicious motion, and the silvery ‘tintinnabulation.'”

In this entry in NMI’s musicalization of Ambrose Bierce’s “The Devil’s Dictionary,” the Devil puts on his Broadway strut and tells us about a man who blows his nose SO loudly, he is sued by the town and a whole pack of attorneys. With music by Jon Kull, and the voice of Nick Fiero as the Devil.

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