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Ghosts of Stowell Hill – Jessy Sims

Ghosts of Stowell Hill – Jessy Sims
Length: 2:54 

This week’s Featured Video is Jessy Sims from the musical series Ghosts of Stowell Hill.

Jessy Sims is a ghost from a century ago in Stowell Hill, Illinois, sharing his secret to happiness.  Featuring J.R. Mangels as Jessy Sims, with music by Charles Ives, and text by E.L. Noyes; directed by Alison Kalmus.  Jessy Sims is part of a multi-episode series called The Ghosts of Stowell Hill, in which ghosts share their secrets, confessions and stories with us (in the hope that we won’t make the same mistakes they did!).

Produced by New Musicals, Inc (, this short film appears as part of our new initiative, Channel 5678, where we explore the emerging art form of web-based musical shorts! To see a new video EACH WEEK, SUBSCRIBE today!