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Sybil’s Closet

Sybil’s Closet
Length: 18:44 

New Musicals Inc. produced twelve musicals at Hollywood Fringe this year. Short musicals, some are goofy, some serious, and some are for mature audience’s only. “Sybil’s Closet” is the story of two eccentric sisters and their surprising new neighbor. https://nmi.org/fringe-festival-2017/

“Sybil’s Closet”

Book and Lyrics by Grace Jasmine
Music by Ross Plotkin

Sybil — Bette Smith
Prudence — Terri Baker Weiss
Betty (aka Mr. Hackford) — Kurt Koehler
Parson — Sandy Kaufman

Director — Warren Davis
Music Director — Kevin Mathie
Stage Manager — Jerry A. Blackburn