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Thanksgiving in Ithaca

Thanksgiving in Ithaca
Length: 17:06 

New Musicals Inc. produced twelve musicals at Hollywood Fringe this year. Short musicals, some are goofy, some serious, and some are for mature audiences. “Thanksgiving in Ithaca” is an irreverant retelling of the final scene of the Odyssey.

Book and lyrics by Mitch Glaser
Music by Joe Blodgett

Ody - Tedd Szeto
Athena - Amber Hurst Martin
Penny - Shannon Martinous
Telly - Chandler Reed
Vinnie - Robert Leh
Lucy - Pamela Welky Paul
Percy - Kila Packett
Precious - Heidi Elisabeth Appe

Director - Elise Dewsberry
Music Director - Emily Cohn
Stage Manager - Morgan Aiken
Cellist - Cameron Stone