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The Bully Problem

The Bully Problem
Length: 2:48:36 

This is the staged reading of the new musical THE BULLY PROBLEM by Michael Gordon Shapiro that was originally streamed live during the 2017 Stages Musical Theatre Festival.

directed by Joshua Finkel

musical direction by Ron Barnett

stage management by Erin Moore

produced by Gregory Crafts

Ensemble: Daniel Bellusci, Lindsay Anne Braverman, Tyler Carlson, Maureen Chesus, Allie Costa, Travis Joe Dixon, TR Krupa, Sammi Lappin, Malissa Lynn Marlow, J. Anthony McCarthy, Matt Pick, Julia Plostnicks, Frankie Rodriguez, Graydon Schlichter, Samuel Thacker, Matt Valle

For more info: facebook.thebullyproblem.com