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Length: 37:46 

This week’s Featured Video is UNITED WE TWEET.

United We Tweet is the story of a clown who holds the Highest Office in the Land (literally…a clown, complete with Bozo wig and red nose). His favorite way to resolve disputes is…rock-paper-scissors…and nothing less than the fate of Texas is at stake.

[When California was ordered to shelter-in-place and the 2020 Hollywood Fringe Festival was canceled, the TWEET team pivoted to adapt this piece to take place during a Zoom conference call in the middle of a global pandemic - making it possible for us to literally film a Zoom meeting with all the performers in their own homes.]

Book and Lyrics by BK Wells
Music by Jane Wong

Directed by now-Zoom-specialist director/choreographer John Coppola
Music Direction by Ron Barnett

John David Wallis
Elise Dewsberry
Casey Hunter
and Mindy Montalban

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