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A Call

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A Call

by Grace MacGowan Cooke

Genre: Comedy
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length: 60 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


He trembled a little, but it was with delight, as he anticipated the effect of the speech Ross had outlined. But it did not come.

“I’m not hungry, mother,” was the revised edition which the freckle-faced boy offered to the maternal ear. “I–we are going over to Mr. Claiborne’s–on–er–on an errand for Abner’s father.”

The black-eyed boy looked reproach as they clattered up the stairs to Ross’s room, where the clean collar was produced and a small stock of ties.

“You’d wear a necktie–wouldn’t you?” Ross asked, spreading them upon the bureau-top.

“Yes. But make it fall carelessly over your shirt-front,” advised the student of Hints and Helps. “Your collar is miles too big for me. Say! I’ve got a wad of white chewing-gum; would you flat it out and stick it over the collar button? Maybe that would fill up some. You kick my foot if you see me turning my head so’s to knock it off.”


Two boys intend to court a girl according to “Hints and Helps to Young Men in Business and Social Relations”, but their social fears get the better of them, and they put off the actual courting time and time again. It’s awfully dated, and has a strong aura of a male-dominated society which you’d want to be aware of. Not much of a plot here, but it’s golly-gee-ness has some appeal.


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