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A Death In Fever Flat

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A Death In Fever Flat

by George Cronyn

Genre: Melodrama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


[The Figure sits down nonchalantly in a chair a little to one side of Lon’s. He is dressed in the western style, that is, without style, corduroys, heavy boots, flannel shirt. In fact, he looks almost natural. But there is a curious dark mark in the center of his forehead–or is it a round, dark hole?]

LON [petulantly]. Cain’t you stay where you was put–with a heap o’ rocks on top o’ ye?

THE FIGURE [thinly ironical]. Can’t seem to give up the old habits, y’ know.

LON [thickly, tossing the pack down]. What’s the hell’s a corpse got to do with habits?

GHOST [unmoved]. You pore fool, you’ll learn when you come over.

LON [huskily]. Come over–wh’ar?

GHOST [significantly]. Where I am. [Sings in a quavering voice.]

There’s many a girl can go all round about And hear the small birds sing–

LON [snarling]. Dry up on them corpse tunes o’ yourn, Harvey Mace.

GHOST [leering]. Oh, you recognize me, eh? You recognize your old friend and pardner, do you, Lon Purdy?

LON [sullenly]. I knowed you’d come.

GHOST [triumphantly]. And you believe in me, eh? Well, that’s good, too.


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