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A Dramatic Evening

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A Dramatic Evening

by John Kendrick Bangs

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


Yardsley. Well, now that that’s settled, we’ll have to dispose of the pictures. Thaddeus, I wish you’d take down the pictures on the east wall, so that we can put our mind’s eye on just how we shall treat the background. The mere hanging of hot-bed covers there will not do. The audience could see directly through the glass, and the wall-paper would still destroy the illusion.

Perkins. Anything. Perhaps if you got a jack-plane and planed the walls off it would suffice.

Bradley. Don’t be sarcastic, my boy. Remember we didn’t let you into this. You volunteered.

Perkins. I know it, Bradley. The house is yours.

Barlow. I said you had paresis when you made the offer, Perkins. If you want to go to law about it, I think you could get an injunction against us–or, rather, Mrs. Perkins could–on the ground that you were non compos at the time.

Mrs. Perkins. Why, we’re most happy to have you, I’m sure.

Perkins. So ‘m I. (Aside.) Heaven forgive me that!


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