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A Good Woman

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A Good Woman

by Arnold Bennett

Genre: Comedy
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


JAMES. And that reminds me, hadn’t we better lunch in the train instead of at Willis’s? That will give us more time?

ROSAMUND. Horrid greedy piggywiggy! Perhaps he will be satisfied if Mrs. Pet agrees to lunch both at Willis’s and in the train?

JAMES. Yes. Only piggywiggy doesn’t want to trespass on Mrs. Pet’s good nature. Let piggywiggy look at the papers. [He takes up a paper from the desk.]

ROSAMUND [a little seriously]. No, Jimmy. I don’t think we’ll go through them. Perhaps it wouldn’t be wise. Just let’s destroy them. [Takes papers from his hand and drops them in desk.]

JAMES [sternly]. When you have been the wife of a War Office clerk for a week you will know that papers ought never to be destroyed. Now I come to think, it is not only my right but my duty to examine this secret dossier. Who knows–[Takes up at random another document, which proves to be a postcard. Reads.] “Shall come to-morrow night. Thine, Gerald.”

ROSAMUND [after a startled shriek of consternation]. There! There! You’ve done it, first time! [She begins to think, with knitted brows.]

JAMES. Does this highly suspicious postcard point to some–some episode in your past of which you have deemed it advisable to keep me in ignorance? If so, I seek not to inquire. I forgive you–I take you, Rosamund, as you are!

ROSAMUND [reflective, not heeding his remark]. I had absolutely forgotten the whole affair, absolutely. [Smiles a little. Aside.] Suppose he should come! [To James.] Jim, I think I had better tell you all about Gerald. It will interest you. Besides, there is no knowing what may happen.

JAMES. As I have said, I seek not to inquire


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