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A Modern Cinderella

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A Modern Cinderella

by Louisa May Alcott

Genre: Romance
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


With one impulse, Di and Laura fled to Nan, and the sisters clung together in a silent embrace, more eloquent than words. John took his mother by the hand, and led her from the room, closing the door upon the sacredness of grief.

“Yes, we are poorer than we thought; but when everything is settled, we shall get on very well. We can let a part of this great house, and live quietly together until spring; then Laura will be married, and Di can go on their travels with them, as Philip wishes her to do. We shall be cared for; so never fear for us, John.”

Nan said this, as her friend parted from her a week later, after the saddest holiday he had ever known.

“And what becomes of you, Nan?” he asked, watching the patient eyes that smiled when others would have wept.

“I shall stay in the dear old house; for no other place would seem like home to me. I shall find some little child to love and care for, and be quite happy till the girls come back and want me.”


A very sentimental re-purposing of the Cinderella story; it’s not about princes and ballgowns. As you would expect from Louisa May Alcott, her godmother is a suitor; her heart is won over by a thoughtful gift of SHOES…and she is transformed through his love for her. A musical adaptation might be possible keeping the original sentimentality, which might then lend itself to a full-length adapation. The opposite impulse might also work: mocking the cornball sentimentality, in which case perhaps the parody would last only for a shorter show.


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