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A Night At An Inn

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A Night At An Inn

by Lord Dunsany

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length: 30 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


[BILL picks up a body under the arms.]

THE TOFF. That’s right, Bill. [Does the same.] Come and help us, Sniggers…. [SNIGGERS comes.] Keep low, keep low. Wave their arms about, Sniggers. Don’t show yourself. Now, Albert, over you go. Our Albert is slain. Back you get, Bill. Back, Sniggers. Still, Albert. Mustn’t move when he comes. Not a muscle. [A face appears at the window and stays for some time. Then the door opens and, looking craftily round, the third Priest enters. He looks at his companions’ bodies and turns round. He suspects something. He takes up one of the knives and with a knife in each hand he puts his back to the wall. He looks to the left and right.]

THE TOFF. Come on, Bill. [The Priest rushes to the door. THE TOFF knifes the last Priest from behind.]

THE TOFF. A good day’s work, my friends.

BILL. Well done, Toffy. Oh, you are a deep one!

ALBERT. A deep one if ever there was one.

SNIGGERS. There ain’t any more, Bill, are there?

THE TOFF. No more in the world, my friend.


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