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by Stephen French Whitman

Genre: Melodrama
Format of Original Source: Novella
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


“After her!” some one shouted.

Antonio was first; but at the doorway he stumbled, and Leonello, who was second, fell over him. Vaulting their bodies, I gained the circular staircase that ascended to the tower. I heard Antonio bawling after me:

“She will throw herself from the roof!”

The staircase was black, and the wind whistled down its well. At each landing the heavy doors on either side banged open and shut. From overhead there descended a long wail, maybe her voice, or maybe one of the countless voices of the storm. As I neared the top, a door through which I had just passed blew shut with a deafening report. I emerged upon the roof of the tower in a torrent of rain. The roof was empty.


An elaborate ghost story, with a lot of backstory and two time zones; heavy on the moodiness; light on actual present-tense plot. It involves a woman who was jilted decades (centuries?) ago, and is still bent on revenge. Not very interesting, ultimately, or active.


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