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Another Way Out

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Another Way Out

by Lawrence Langner

Genre: Comedy
Setting: America
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


PENDLETON. Me? Why me?

BARONESS [endearingly]. Are you not considered one of the foremost men of letters in America?

PENDLETON [modestly]. Didn’t you say you had read all my books?

BARONESS. Are you not the only writer who has successfully portrayed the emotional side of American life?

PENDLETON [decidedly]. Yes.

BARONESS. Exactly. That is why I have chosen you to write my advertisements.

PENDLETON [aghast]. But, Baroness!

BARONESS. You’re not going to say that. It’s so ordinary.

PENDLETON. But, but, you want me to write advertisements!

BARONESS. Please don’t disappoint me.

PENDLETON. Yes, I suppose that’s so. But one has a sense of pride.

BARONESS. Art comes before Pride. Consider my feelings, an aristocrat, coming here to America and engaging in commerce, and advertising, and other dreadful things, and all for the sake of Art!

PENDLETON. But you make money out of it!

BARONESS. Only incidentally. Just as you, in writing my advertisements, would make, say ten thousand or so, as a sort of accident. But don’t let us talk of money. It’s perfectly revolting, isn’t it?


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