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by C.F. Van der Velde

Genre: Romance
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


“Heavens!” shrieked Gundchen, “there will be an accident,” and Tugendreich suppressed a sigh of anguish. With frightful side-leaps, the black horse furiously galloped towards the bar. At this moment the little daughter of the gardener ran across the course, and frightened at the approaching furious steed, fell just under his fore feet. Terror prevented the spectators from crying out, but Axel saw the child at the critical moment when the hoof was raised over its head, and, thinking of its peril, only reined the leaping horse suddenly in with such force that he fell rearing on his haunches.

“He will fall back,” cried the baron.

“I cannot look upon it,” exclaimed Gundchen, holding her hands before her eyes, and Tugendreich leaned against the recess as white as her veil.


A rambling, uninteresting story of a stable boy who is astonishingly accomplished; he rises in status, ultimately vying for the hand of a baroness. It’s implausible and lacks cause-and-effect throughout much of the story. Pass


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