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Boccaccio’s Untold Tale

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Boccaccio’s Untold Tale

by Harry Kemp

Genre: Drama
Setting: International
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


FLORIO [convulsively]

You were the glory of the world, Olivia!…

And now … your beauty … that is … dead … will always be …

to me …

The glory of … the world!… forever and forever!…


Oh, if you could but see my ugliness–

I think there’s nothing like it in the world!

O God, why did I not die an hour ago!

VIOLANTE [crazed anew with jealousy]

Florio, Florio–Olivia lies!

Her beauty floods the very room with light–

You are deceived most horribly!


Command that woman hence;

She is the source and cause of all our ill.


What does this mean? My soul is sick to death!


I tell you, Florio, that she lies to you.

[To Lizzia.]

Tell him the truth, old woman, and beware,

As you have fear of Hell, belief in God,

And hope of Heaven, to perjure not your soul!

LIZZIA [at first frightened and irresolute, then quietly determined.]

God help me–she is surpassingly–ugly!

[Returning Violante glare for glare.]

Her ugliness–!

[Breaking down, she goes to altar and drops on knees before it.]


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